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Massive Vacancies with Public Service Commission

ADVERTISEMENT VACANT POSITIONS IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE Applications are invited from qualified persons for the positions shown below. Interested and qualified persons are requested to make their applications ONLINE through the Commission website: or jobs portal:  Please Note: Applicants should provide all the details requested for in the …

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Toward a Peaceful Order in the Horn of Africa

By Abiy Ahmed The Ethiopian government’s victory over the Tigray People’s Liberation Front came at a high cost, and the humanitarian situation in northern Tigray remains grave. But only an Ethiopia at peace, with a government bound by humane norms of conduct, can play a constructive role across the region …

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With the stroke of a pen, Trump just cruelly condemned hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent women, men, and children to starvation — but we can stop it! The UN immediately raised the alarm that Trump’s decision to designate Northern Yemen’s rebel government as a terrorist organization would …

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