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Imperfect elections do not fortify Ethiopia’s transition

By Ahmed Soliman- Research Fellow, Africa Programme Ethiopia’s current government is hoping gaining a new electoral mandate will give them the authority needed to pursue their reform agenda, which includes drafting a new constitution and potentially redrawing regional state borders. This election represents the first true test for the ruling …

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China’s 100 Years of Communism

Dr Yu Jie– Senior Research Fellow on China, Asia-Pacific Programme An ageing building in the Shanghai district of Xin Tian Di sits sandwiched between some of the most sought-after designer boutiques and chic wine bars in town. This is where the Chinese Communist Party was born a hundred years ago …

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By Salad Malicha Verily I say unto the followers of the “Hustler” Rhetoric: just as the biblical sheep at the shearers is dumb, so are you. And I do not mean dumb in the abusive way for which the Tanga Tanga mouthpieces has become notorious. I mean silent. To Hustler Followers, …

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By Abdirizack Osman While political parties in Kenya have remained brutal, cunning, and complex, it’s time we thought seriously about allowing the public and in particular, party followers to understand how decisions are made in such entities. Current party politics is highly individualised and the main consideration for participating in …

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By Njonjo Mue What you need to know: In January 2021, President Uhuru Kenyatta unlawfully awarded all 2,224 Members of the County Assemblies (MCAs) in the country a car grant of KSh. 2 million each amounting to a total of KSh. 4.5 billion. He ignored the advice of the Controller …

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Eritrea proves shunning rogue

By Kaltum Guyo If there is a lesson to be learnt from the invasion of Ethiopia’s Tigray region by Eritrean troops, it is that rogue regimes need more engagement than isolation. The international community is good at turning its back on countries it deems rogue, never to return. Given the …

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Letter from Africa: Kenyans protest over growing debt

In many countries, the willingness of global institutions, like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to beef up the state coffers with a loan is seen as a sign of approval. It shows that the economists in far-away Washington have confidence that the country can afford and properly manage the interest …

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BBI hurdle: Why June or July referendum is highly unlikely

By Patrick Lang’at The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is facing a timeline nightmare even as its backers insist that a referendum is still possible by July. According to the schedule, Parliament should have dispensed with the Bill by today before it goes to a referendum on or before June 6. …

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Matiangi’s response to Marsabit conflict borders on recklessness

By Salad Malicha Since the herald of the new constitution, parliament is generally more accountable. Citizens are able to follow the activities of their legislators owing to current procedural simplicity and openness. Currently, decision-making will oscillate from the committees and the floor to negotiations between the Houses of parliaments, in …

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