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The natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographical area, especially as affected by human activity.

Africa’s second coronavirus wave was much worse than the first, analysis shows

By Ivana Kottasova, CNN (CNN)The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has hit Africa much harder than the first wave, a new analysis has shown. Daily new infections across the continent were approximately 30% higher during the second wave, according to the study published in The Lancet journal. Its authors …

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The UN removes cannabis from list of the most dangerous substances

A United Nations commission has voted to remove cannabis from a list that categorized it as one of the most dangerous drugs — a move that recognizes the plant as having medicinal value. The UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs approved a recommendation from the World Health Organization on Wednesday to …

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Namibia is auctioning 170 wild elephants amid drought and rising population

Namibia has put 170 “high value” wild elephants up for sale due to drought and an increase in elephant numbers, the southern African country’s environmental ministry announced on Wednesday. An advertisement carried by state-owned daily outlet New Era said an increase in incidents of human-elephant conflict motivated the sale. Namibia’s …

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Stop cutting trees for charcoal, Isiolo conservator asks locals

By Waweru Wairimu They are a common sight in parts of Isiolo County: Machete and axe-wielding men walking inside bushy areas felling trees and shrubs that will be incinerated into pieces of charcoal. It is this well-known norm that fuels demand for charcoal that has caught the eye of the …

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Last known white giraffe fitted with GPS tracker at Ishaqbini Conservancy in Garissa

IJARA, Kenya, Nov 17 – The world’s only known white giraffe has been fitted with a GPS tracking device at Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy in Ijara, Garissa County. The white male giraffe has leucism – a rare genetic trait – and until March 2020 was one of three giraffes with …

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Isiolo is tourists preferred destination

By Salad Malicha Isiolo is a town that is located in the middle of Kenya and lies 285 kilometres north of the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. The Isiolo town is also becoming a centre of interest because of its newly acquired status as a resort city cashing in on the …

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Our Role in Securing Public Participation in the Kenyan Legislative and Policy Reform Process

By Rose Jeptoo Birgen and Eva Maria Okoth The legislative and policy formulation process is an important first step towards securing the rights and fundamental freedoms of communities living in Kenya, including their right to a clean and healthy environment. The Kenyan Constitution grants the executive and parliament powers to formulate …

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Customary Law and Community Land

Customary tenure refers to the traditional institutions and rules that communities around the world have created to administer land and natural resources. These practices are interwoven with traditional community governance and social systems, which give them great resilience and flexibility. Community land refers to land that has long been owned, …

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Rise and Fall of Group Ranches in Kenya

  Kenya’s governments, from colonial times to today, have attempted to regulate traditional pastoral practices of herding cattle across the country’s vast arid and semi-arid lands. Fourteen million people live in these areas, herding more than 30 million cattle, sheep, goats and camels. Over centuries, pastoralists crafted practices that allowed …

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