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The transfer or delegation of power to a lower level, especially by central government to local or regional administration. It covers anything on devolved governance in Kenya


By Gufu Jattani Wario What is the difference between devolution and decentralization? Devolution – Is the transfer of functions, resources, powers and responsibilities from the central government to semi-autonomous territorial and sub-national units (County Governments) – in order to promote participatory democracy and sustainable development for the benefit of all …

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Sonko is his own worst enemy

By Magesha Ngwiri- Consultant Editor As widely expected, at around 11.25 pm on Thursday night, Mike Mbuvi Sonko ceased being the governor of Nairobi County. To a significant majority in the National Government, and many citizens who dwell in Nairobi, this came as a welcome relief. His eccentricities have for …

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Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru is ‘king’ of impeachment

By Annette Wambulwa Want to impeach a governor? Or defend him or her? Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru is your man, though he says he doesn’t pick a side and pursues justice. Ndegwa was chosen as one of the Star’s Persons of the Year. He is one of the most sought-after lawyers …

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Showdown as Sonko ferries MCAs to Mombasa hours before impeachment vote

Members of the Nairobi County Assembly are today (Thursday) set to vote on an impeachment motion seeking to oust Governor Mike Sonko from office, this despite the court issuing an order blocking the process. However, the governor has employed a divide and rule tactic, ferrying MCAs allied to him to …

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BBI Kenya: How new voter zones would be shared out

Rift Valley, Nairobi, Central and Coast are the biggest beneficiaries of the 70 Extra-Parliamentary Seat in constitutional changes proposed by the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). The Constitution Amendment Bill, 2020 proposes to increase the number of constituencies from 290 to 360. The Bill indicates that the larger Rift Valley will get …

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List of adjustments to BBI Bill: Deputy ministers, No limit to number of MPs:

The BBI team has made several key adjustments to the proposals contained in the document Kenyans are to sign to. This is despite the insistence by ODM leader Raila Odinga that the BBI report would not be amended. Among the key changes is the creation of the position of deputy ministers …

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Governor Sonko on the chopping board as he refuses to sign budget

A group of ward representatives in Nairobi says there is a new plot to impeach Governor Mike Sonko over his refusal to sign the county government budget. The leaders, drawn from both sides of the political divide, said an impeachment motion against the governor would be introduced at the county …

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By Billow Kerrow In essence, there is nothing wrong in amending a Constitution. The famed 1996 South African Constitution has since gone through 17  amendments, made by Parliament to address emerging challenges. What BBI proposes are not amendments to enhance the Constitution but a radical review of the 2010 Constitution. …

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New Revenue formula favours developed regions

The Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) has defended its third basis cash formula, saying it is plugging a gap created by the second framework. In a policy brief seen, the commission says the third basis formula puts health needs, fiscal responsibility and population as the most important considerations as opposed …

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