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Kidney patients in Isiolo benefit from KNH outreach programme

Eight kidney patients have benefited from specialised treatment during a one-day outreach programme by the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in partnership with the Isiolo County Health department.

Experts led by Prof Seth McLigeyo, a kidney specialist, and Dr Nancy Wang’ombe, the transplant coordinator at KNH, together with doctors at Isiolo Referral Hospital’s renal unit, conducted surgery on the eight patients and carried out a diagnosis of arteriovenous fistula complications.

Six patients were referred to KNH for medication and surgery.

Healthcare workers at the Isiolo Referral Hospital also benefited from training offered by the specialists who also conducted a public sensitisation session on the prevention of kidney diseases and on dialysis services.

The specialists comprising of surgeons, kidney experts, nurses and consultants, are also offering similar services in Meru and Laikipia counties through the rotational programme that runs once a year in one region in Kenya.

Twice a year

Dr Wang’ombe said plans are underway to run the programme at least twice a year in order to reach a larger population as majority of Kenyans are not aware of the availability of several medical services in Kenya, among them kidney transplants.

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Kidney patients have been travelling to India for transplants, which is quite expensive.

“We will continue partnering with the Isiolo Referral Hospital in offering specialised treatment for kidney and other diseases for improved services,” said Prof McLigeyo.

Strengthen partnership

Isiolo Health Executive Wario Galma and Chief Officer Ibrahim Alio said the county is committed to strengthening the partnership for better services across the health facilities.

Mr Galma asked patients with kidney complications to visit the renal unit, saying it has the capacity to serve 10 patients daily and is operational throughout the week.

“We are committed to working together with KNH in building the capacity of our hospitals and in sensitisation of communities about kidney diseases,” said Mr Alio, adding that the county has so far made 248 referrals to KNH.

The collaboration will extend to telemedicine services that will be rolled out at the Isiolo Referral Hospital in two months’ time.

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