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Revealed: The unfolding events in Maraga Succession Race

A camp keen to decide who the next Chief Justice will be has emerged as the government shops for a candidate who will do its bidding. The Karen gang camp that rotates around lawyers Ahmednassir Abdullahi, Nelson Havi, Tom Ojienda, Paul Muite and Makau Mutua is openly fronting a candidate from the 10 who were shortlisted.

‘Karen Gang’

The Karen gang was instrumental in the appointment of former CJ Willy Mutunga, thanks to the influence of Ahmednasir then a powerful member of the Judicial Service Commission. Now the gang has recruited Ojienda on its side. Ojienda, while on JSC, lobbied for the appointment of David Maraga as CJ to replace Mutunga. Ojienda replaced Ahmednassir as JSC representative. The Karen gang within the Supreme Court has links with Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu and Judge Mohammed Ibrahim Warsame.

The link between Mwilu and Warsame to the Karen gang has not been received well by the majority of Supreme Court judges who are neutral in the recruitment of the next CJ after many failed to apply. They are reading conflict of interest by the two. Other Supreme Court judges are Smokin Wanjala, Njoki Ndung’u and Isaac Lenaola. They are to be seven but Jackton Ojwang retired and Maraga also. The position of Ojwang is also to be filled just like that of Maraga and the Karen gang is lobbying for Justice William Ouko. By last week after state intelligence discovered Mwilu, Warsame link to the Karen gang that is also sympathetic to William Ruto in Uhuru Kenyatta succession game, Mwilu was replaced by Olive Mugenda as chair of the new CJ recruitment process.

Havi’s Petition

The state concern is that Mwilu had allowed Havi to petition against three applicants for CJ post, a move that was dismissed by a faction of Law Society of Kenya on grounds it was Havi personal input and not that of LSK. Fida also came out to challenge the controversial LSK chairman petition. Our source within the deep state revealed the Havi petition has been discarded as thrash and pulled down from secret state intelligence agencies network and even that of JSC. This is upon the understanding the Karen gang is against Justice Martha Koome and Patricia Mbote possibility of replacing Mwilu as deputy CJ if the state finds its way and forms a tribunal to haunt her out of office.

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Mwilu is allegedly facing criminal charges but has moved to court to stop the proceedings. Surprisingly, in the over ten cases Mwilu is facing, she is represented by Havi – the face out to block Mbote and Koome landing the plum slot at Supreme Court. Also targeted by Havi was lawyer Philip Murgor. The Karen gang is said to be comfortable with lawyer Fred Ngatia to replace Maraga and on social media platform, have been fronting for Ngatia. They want Ngatia to be deputised by Mwilu for reasons best known to them.

Remember, when Mutunga was appointed CJ, the Karen gang members became billionaires only to suffer when Maraga succeeded Mutunga. A section of the Karen gang has no kind words for Maraga tenure as CJ. Weekly Citizen has information, state security agencies have secretly engaged current Supreme Court judges on who the next CJ should be with the majority raising issues with Mwilu, Warsame plot to micromanage the recruitment process using outsiders. By last week, we have information, Mwilu appearance at State House to receive Covid-19 vaccine injection had nothing to do with CJ recruitment process as claimed by the Karen gang.

In fact, apart from greetings, Uhuru never engaged Mwilu in any talks. The only close they came, apart from greetings, was during a cup of tea which the president did not even finish due to pressure he is facing after locking down five counties much to the chagrin of Kenyans baying for his blood. Mwilu as other heads arms of government; executive, judiciary and legislature, had been invited for vaccination to lead by example. The state is also monitoring the Karen gang link to the current battle between Kenya and Somalia at ICC over ownership of mineral-rich boundary in the Indian Ocean

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Maritime Interests

Apart from fishing, the disputed area – about 100,000 square kilometres – is thought to be rich in oil and gas, with both countries accusing each other of auctioning off blocks before a ruling by the court. At ICC, Kenya wanted a Somali judge with the Karen gang link disqualified. A section of the Karen gang is suspected to be giving briefs to Somali lawyers handling the case. Weekly Citizen has information Norwegian giant oil companies are funding the Somali case at ICC to control oil exploration and other minerals in the disputed area. Fear is, if the Karen gang has its ways in controlling JSC and openly engaged in fighting the country at ICC, it will be like mortgaging the local judiciary system.

What the Karen gang has failed to discover, the state just the way it stopped Russian made Sputnik V vaccine due to its link with Ruto, their operations are being countered day and night due to the DP factor. Those shortlisted include Justice Said Chitembwe, Mbote, Justice Martha Koome, Justice Marete Njagi, Philip Murgor, Justice Nduma Nderi, Fred Ngatia, Justice William Ouko, Wekesa Moni and Alice Yano. Two weeks ago, all the candidates were summoned to the Kenya Revenue Authority’s domestic tax department in what sources revealed was a scheme to knock out at least six candidates from the race over tax evasion.

Nominees to be interviewed for the position of Chief Justice from today

This camp believes Maraga’s tenure was a disaster and all efforts should be made to ensure the next Chief Justice is equal to the task but behind the scenes, there is more than meets the eye. This is the group that successfully pushed for the nomination of Mutunga as Chief Justice in 2011. Mutunga was appointed on May 13 2011 after the JSC recommended to then-president Mwai Kibaki who consulted then prime minister Raila Odinga before making the appointment which was ratified by the national assembly. According to sources, this camp is believed to have advised Mwilu not to apply for the CJ’s position, a move that guarantees her the deputy’s slot.

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Surprisingly, confidential documents in our possession show Warsame and Mwilu are business associates and bought prime Karen land from the late John Keen. In the coming days, if those opposed to the Karen gang operations succeed, Mwilu and Warsame will be forced to recuse themselves from the new CJ recruitment process on grounds they are already biased against central candidates. Mwilu’s decision not to apply for CJ’s post also saved her the mudslinging. She is currently facing criminal charges.

The neutral camp comprises members of the JSC who are doing the deep state’s bidding with argument the two arms of government need a friendly fire to see judicial staff enjoy a higher budget and not be seen as enemies but independent of each other. A key member of this camp is former Kenyatta University vice-chancellor, Mugenda. This camp is trying to win over the majority of the JSC members to approve a candidate who will cement the relationship and allowed them to run the Judiciary freely.

The JSC members are Justice Mwilu (Deputy Chief Justice and vice president of the Supreme Court), Justice Mohamed Warsame (commissioner judge Court of Appeal), Mercy Mwara Deche (commissioner/advocate of the High Court of Kenya), Patrick Gichohi (Public Service Commission representative), Mugenda (public representative), Kihara Kariuki (Attorney General), Felix Kiptarus (public representative), Macharia Njeru and Justice David Majanja (commissioner/judge of the High Court). The deep state is wary of a candidate who can emulate former CJ Maraga who led the majority on the bench in annulling the 2017 presidential election results. Koome, the Court of Appeal judge is likely to land at the Supreme Court and might even replace Justice Mwilu.

– Source “Citizen Weekly”

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