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Borana University when the Construction began in 2017 | Photo Courtesy

By Boku Tache Dida

On February 25, 2017, the cornerstone was laid for Borana University. The event raised both hope and scepticism in the mind of the public. In October 2018, however, the first phase of Borana University’s Construction Project saw a concrete kick-off, clearing the initial scepticism. With the good news also came another worry – whether what was launched would be completed as planned.  As we share these updates, we are humbled to report that the construction work is fully accomplished.

Construction of the Blocks completed. | Photo Courtesy

What are the key activities in progress at the moment?

  1. Hydropower Electric installation work is in progress besides arrival at the site of two high-capacity standby generators.
  2. Shallow well drilling is underway despite some technical challenges faced with this exercise but the drilling (parastatal) company is mulling ways and means of overcoming the problem soon; plan B is in place anyway to address water-related emergencies.
  3. Key recruitment has been made, and vacant posts for both support and academic personnel are going to be  advertised soon (latest in the first week of January)
  4. We expect to get our recurrent budget allocation approved and released by the Ministry of Finance pretty soon; we shall open our bank account in Yaaballoo
  5. The Borana University has been included in the National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency’s list of the public universities that will admit freshman students this academic year. And our first intake capacity has been determined although we cannot disclose the number at the moment due to possible revisions. Students shall be evenly-distributed over 15 inaugural departments in five colleges: (NB: the list of the departments will be announced in the near future)

  • College of Pastoral Studies  and Dryland Agriculture
  • College of Social Science and Humanities
  • College of Natural and Computational Sciences
  • Faculty of Business and Economics
  • School of Law
  • With ICT-related matters, our webpage is about to become up and running and we shall launch email communications with our own domain name (bru)

6. Regarding the second construction phase, January is the likely kick off period.

In conclusion, our journey is long and bumpy but we remain determined to midwife successful birth of BRU under the motto ‘Rooted education, research and engagements’, and to nurture the baby into a fully-fledged institution of choice with the hallmark of excellence, fairness and colleague hood. BRU thanks again all those who have contributed, directly or indirectly, for the success of our construction project and we expect more of same with the next chapters of our long journey.

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