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By Hon. Col (Rtd) Dido Ali Rasso, MP

Hon. Col (Rtd) Dido Ali Rasso, Member of Parliament for Saku Constituency, Marsabit County.

I, the UNDERSIGNED, on behalf of the people of Saku Constituency in Marsabit County;

DRAW the attention of the House to the following: –

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  1. THAT, in 2015, the leadership of Marsabit County approved highly-contested plans to relocate Marsabit airstrip to Horonder area and subsequently resettled a section of Bubisa residents comprising over 50 households into the area, and following intervention by the Constituency leadership and the National Government, it was agreed that the new settlers would be relocated back to Bubisa within two months;
  2. THAT, the Marsabit County Government reneged on this resolution and instead formalized the settlement by constructing new ECDE centres and advertising the position of area Assistant Chief under Bubisa Location despite the area being in Qllta Location, thereby simmering unwanted ethnic tensions and administrative boundary contestations considering that the area is in Saku Constituency and already had a Chief and Assistant Chief;
  3. THAT, in April 2017, four Borana herders namely Wario Oba Ubane, Abdub Kana Guyo, Abdub Jarso Waqo and Ibrahim Fugicha were senselessly massacred in cold blood in Dotal° Woyama area of Sagante Location by suspected Gabra attackers following which 27 expended 7.62mm cartridges were recovered at the scene by police;
  4. THAT, further attacks led to the murder of Police Reservist Jattani Afatu along Shurr-Jaldesa public road on 11th April 2017 with the arrested suspects being freed in unclear circumstances and the brutal murder of three Borana herders namely Mzee Wako Tato, Tari Diba Sankara and Jirmo Gobu on 5th September 2018 by suspected Gabra attackers heavily armed with sophisticated machine guns and automatic weapons and who also torched their houses and properties in Horonder area;
  5. THAT, on 13th October 2018, an unprecedented conflict in Kubi Qallo led to the death of Wario Guyo Ali, Abdub Girro, Guyo Boru Barako and Wario Boru Dida as well as destruction of the water generator set at Kubi Qallo China Borehole valued at Ksh.5m, burning of ten motorcycles valued at Ksh 1.2m and theft of 60 heads of cattle and 653 goats and sheep from the Borana Community;
  6. THAT, on 13th October 2018, Ja/desa village was attacked by suspected Gabra raiders leading to the murder of Tadicha Godana and Abdub Jattani as well as destruction of water genset at Jaldesa Borehole valued at Ksh.5m, followed by the 15th December 2018 murder of Borana herders Doko Galgallo and Gababa Godana at Haro Grisa while watering their animals as well as theft of Police Reservist guns and ammunition;
  7. THAT, on 13th March 2019, an attack at Haro Grisa by Gabra militia led to the brutal killing of three Kenya Police Reservists namely Golich Boru Dida, Qalla Kossi Bilinga and Mohamed Abdi and injury to seven other residents as well as theft of their guns and ammunition, followed by the cold-blooded murder of two Borana herders Jillo Sora and Abdub Jillo in Garr Shaba on 23rd May 2019 by Gabra attackers from Sege/area of Jirime Location less than a kilometer from police roadblock at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation station, Marsabit;
  8. THAT, On 15th September 2019, a quarry worker at Haro, Halakhe Yaya by the name of Denge Happi Dalacha was killed by attackers who fled into Sege/ village inhabited by the Gabra community and no effort was made by the law enforcement agencies to apprehend the killers;
  9. THAT, on 6th .November 2019, 10 Borana herders including 5 school-going children aged between 6-15 were killed at Kukuto by heavily armed Gabra militia believed from Horonder, Sege and Bubisa following which one of the attackers was airlifted to Nairobi for specialized treatment in mysterious circumstances, followed by the brutal murder of 3 police officers in Jaldesa village during which a mobile phone belonging to one of the attackers was collected at the scene of crime and no arrests have been made to-date;
  10. THAT, further attacks have led to the murder Galgallo Kara Roba at Haro Ha/ake Yaya grazing field on 27th May 2020, murder of 4 Rendille youths along Badasa-Songa Road on 8th June 2020, murder of 4 Borana herders at Haro on 13th June 2020, murder and mutilation of mentally-ill Wario Wako Elema on 14th June 2020, murder of two secondary school students along the Dirib Town Road on 22 nd June 2020, among many other cold-blooded killings;
  11. THAT, residents of Hargeisa Village were displaced and left to suffer as IDPs following the destruction of 110 houses, by the Gabra Militia and later settling in those villages by erecting Uni-hut which were recommended for demolition by the County Security team that has never been implemented;
  12. THAT, all these attacks took place in Saku Constituency by attackers believed to be from North Horr Constituency, Gabra villages in Moyale Constituency and Ethiopia Region Four, and who disguise themselves as herders in well-orchestrated attacks aimed at removing the Borana Community from Saku Constituency, making Marsabit County ungovernable and discrediting the current Marsabit County leadership;
  13. THAT, the militia behind these attacks act with impunity as if running a system parallel to the existing government structure, with land being at the epicenter of this conflict as exemplified by the fact that the Gabra have managed to cleanse the Borana from their midst in all their settlements, with the latest being Hurri Hills, that has made the former Borana occupants to be refugees in Ethiopia and IDPs at Ele Dimtu, Ele Borr and Kubl Qallo;
  14. THAT, the militia in North Horr Constituency arm themselves in secrecy, plan in secrecy and gang up without the knowledge of Government apparatus in order to carry out their nefarious expansionist agenda against the neighbouring communities of Dasanach, Turkana, Rendille and Borana in a bid to expand their territory;
  15. THAT, efforts to address this matter with relevant authorities have not borne much fruit as exemplified by the fact that in September 2018 the Marsabit County Commissioner disarmed Borana Police Reservists who were actually the victims of Gabra attacks;
  16. AND THAT, the matter in respect of which this Petition is made is not pending before any Court of Law or Constitutional body.NOW, THEREFORE, your humble petitioners pray that the National Assembly through the Departmental Committee on Administration and National Security-
    1. Enquires into the ongoing cases of gross insecurity in Saku Constituency with the objective of facilitating the restoration of peace by addressing/and resolving the Resource, Community and Administrative boundary between Saku and North Horr Constituencies, resolving all existing boundary disputes in Marsabit County and facilitating the recovery of Kenya Police Reservists guns, ammunition and livestock due to the Borana victims of the aforementioned attacks/killings including compensation for the families for these avoidable losses, and
    2. Makes any other orders that it deems appropriate in light of the circumstances outlined in this Petition.

    And your PETITIONERS will ever pray



    Date: 12 August 2020

    Attached is a copy of the Petition: PETITION

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