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With Lusaka as Speaker, Senate is doomed

Senators in the Chamber

By Salad Malicha

The unparallel misfortunes, the negative press, the vitriolic social media epithets and the abysmal performance of the Jubilee government is not just because of bad luck and the push by a Jubilee rebels. The Uhuru Administration is not firing in all the cylinders from all perspectives as was projected. It is not as visionary as prayed. It is not focused and disciplined.

In the past Six months, it has fought unnecessary wars in the name of Jubilee purge targeting Deputy president Ruto’s allies. It has made unnecessary political enemies. It squandered many golden opportunities. And it chose the wrong priorities. All these are the least of the problems it faces.

Many Kenyans gave more time to recollect themselves from the current morass. They have come to establish that the learning curve for the Uhuru Administration has been nose-diving south with no bumps to slow it down. Uhuru’s biggest and most formidable challenge is not William Ruto, the colourless opposition, the Judiciary, the civil society Diplomatic missions and their governments. The biggest and most lethal enemy that faces Uhuru and his government comes from Senate under the pitiful leadership of Speaker Kenneth Lusaka. The Senate is under siege with a leadership crisis of insurmountable magnitude.

The government’s political tragedies are the sole creation of the new face of impunity, the Speaker of the Senate. He has reduced the august House into a smouldering rubble of parliamentary tomfoolery. In less than Six months, he has made the House of Senate a rogue institution supervised by the hatchet man Senator Irungu Kangata (Chief Whip) and newly minted Leader of Majority Senator Samuel Poghisio (West Pokot). Kangata is holding brief for the mandarins guised as “Deep State” or “System” based at the House on the hill.

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Speaker Lusaka’s true colour and character was unmasked since the very day he gave a ruling to de-whip Senators Kipchumba Murkomen as Majority Leader and Susan Kihika as Chief Whip. While he was giving the ruling, he was sweating, panting and incoherent. Till today, he has not given the considered ruling he promised. He is incredibly lame duck, cavalier and lackadaisical !He dances to the whims of the executive. He is a liability to devolution. As they say, loyalty is not etched in stone, it changes with interests.

Never has a Kenyan parliament been led by a more inept, incompetent, dull, unknowledgeable and ignorant Speaker. This is the result you get when greatness is forced on a political dwarf plucked from political dustbin.

Lusaka failed Kenyans to give leadership on the Third Basis for Revenue Sharing among Counties. As a matter of fact, he has subjected Kenyans on the same to endless bizarre theatrics and drama for eight consecutive times. He has accused progressive Senators like Murkomen, Sakaja, Mutula and Ledama of mischief in the ensuing revenue sharing deadlock. He will be remembered as the most clueless, indecisive speaker ever in the history of Kenya. His grasp of law and parliamentary procedure are at best laughable. He has been priced but that will depreciate with time. Kenneth Lusaka will go down in history as one of the worst speaker Kenya has ever had.

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Rudderless Opposition

However, I was shocked by conduct of Senator Orengo who had rich legacy for fighting for democratic space in this country. He moved frivolous point of orders and interjections to deliberately derail the debate. This is a classic example of metamorphosis of a people bonded in feudalism. They have gone numb with sheer arrogance. Folks like Orengo (Siaya), Kajwang (Homabay), Ochillo Ayacko (Migori) and Fred Outa (Kisumu) idolised their boss for years on smokescreen social justice ideals. We were damn wrong!

On Senator Petronila Were’s amendment which was a revised version of Senator Kangata’s rejected amendment to the Finance Committee’s proposal, it is absolutely a wild goose chase! If the same government couldn’t allocate Ksh 327B sought by the Senate and the Council of Governors  in 2019/20 and retained 2020/21 allocation at the same level, where will it get Kshs 348B? This was fraudulent and crafty move to lessen absolute loss now and obfuscate huge future losses to the “condemned 18” counties in subsequent years.

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Nonetheless, hats off to all Senators who voted for the Linturi/ Sakaja amendment in the interest of equity. Now move on and mow down the divisive motions brought by the system minions to muddy the waters. Let this revenue debate be their Waterloo!

Without making any ruling on the numerous legal and procedural contestations raised by various Senators yesterday, Speaker Lusaka has summarily halted Senate debate on county revenue allocation until next Thursday. He ended senate proceedings like a kangaroo court with strange remarks; “I have ordered that we reconvene on Thursday, to look at the two amendments and to make a voting on the main nini”.

Ken Lusaka is an embodiment of calamitous, sacrilegious and pitiful leadership. He is inept, incompetent and out of leadership depth. He lacks independence and assumes role of a hired merchant to destroy devolution. Speaker Lusaka is irredeemable and exhibits spineless leadership. He represents subversion of devolution.

Playing the role of a partisan Speaker, Lusaka is a hired gun in the hands of those who seek to undermine devolution. He bestows — through unconstitutional amendments — powers, privileges and honours to the Senators and the Executive arm of the government with the sole intention of undermining devolution. Hopefully, on Thursday, external pressure on Senate will have prevailed.

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