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Sh105m water projects to benefit Isiolo residents hit by drought

Residents at far flung areas in Isiolo County hit by acute water shortages will benefit from government water projects worth Sh105 million.

The projects seek to build the residents’ resilience during drought and improve their livelihoods.

The two water projects to be undertaken in Merti and Garbatulla sub-counties will ensure herders’ plant grass for use by their animals when pastures get depleted in a bid to end resource-based conflicts with neighbouring counties.

Devolution Chief Administrative Secretary Abdul Bahari said Thursday that the government is committed to cushioning residents in arid and semi-arid areas from the biting effects of drought by providing them with enough water for domestic and livestock use.

While announcing that ongoing Oldonyiro water project that will benefit residents within 15 kilometres radius will be complete in two weeks’ time, Mr Bahari said provision of water within the remote areas is meant to ensure that residents do not walk for long distances in search of the basic commodity.

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“The two projects are meant to ensure our people especially those in the remote areas have access to clean water and do not travel for many kilometres in search of the commodity,” said Mr Bahari.

The projects will be implemented by the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) in partnership with the Northern Water Works and the Isiolo County government.

Speaking after visiting farmers in Elsa Ntirim, the CAS appealed to residents of Kinna Ward to take advantage of the State’s Lapsu irrigation project to increase their productivity and plant fodder for their livestock.

Mr Bahari, who was accompanied by NDMA Isiolo Director Lordman Lekalkuli, said the government has put in place requisite measures to prevent further losses in event of floods which have previously displaced many families and resulted to destruction of property especially in Gafarsa and Iresaboru.

“We are looking for donors to help in setting up dykes along River Ewaso Nyiro to prevent the floods that have previously rendered residents of Gafarsa and Iresaboru homeless,” he noted.

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Courtesy of “The Sunday Nation”

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