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No Chewing Miraa, Muguka For Presidential Escort Officers

Presidential escort officers have been banned from chewing miraa (Khat) and Muguka effective from July 6, 2020.

Through a notice by the Head of the Presidential Escort unit, George Kirera, the ban has been linked to health risks posed to some of the officers.

“Please be informed that it has been noted with high level of concern by this office that chewing miraa and muguka is posing a lot of health risk to our personnel and their families,” reads the notice in part.

It further adds, “With effect from July 6, 1400 hrs, no Prescort personnel or civilian residing within the camps will be allowed to chew miraa or muguka within the camps or work station. Bring this information to the attention of all personnel and acknowledgement receipt of this signal on or before July 7.”

Chewing miraa and muguka is very common in the country although there are health risks that have been associated with it.

For instance, studies in the past have linked the chewing of miraa to affecting the sexual capabilities of men or could even lead to heart attack.

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Last year, Meru Governor Francis Kimemia vowed to enact a law that was to stop the trading and chewing of miraa in the region.

The bill was however never presented to the county assembly and in turn, he called on the relevant stakeholders to place a legal framework in controlling the trade.

This was after the majority of youths were reported to be immersed in miraa business and its consumption while forfeiting their education.

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