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Quick Facts About The Narcotics Menace In Isiolo County And Tips On How To Combat It:

Editorial Note:

1. Isiolo is a transit point but not the commercial hub or main market for the illicit trade;

2. There exists a cartel running the drug ring in Isiolo, the security apparatus are compromised. Only the Multi Agency Team (MAT) seems to be nabbing drugs but face frustrations because the police release the same suspects and drugs later under unclear circumstances;

3. The drug business is very lucrative and profitable but capital intensive. For instance, the bhang nabbed last week is worth 15 Million and the vehicle ferrying it was a Prado valued at Ksh 7 Million. This is a rich man business whoever is doing it isn’t unemployed but has has actually employed people to do this shit for him. Those arrested last week are mere transporters and peddlers. The real owners of the drugs need to be unmasked;

4. Our people are providing security and logistical support by virtue of knowing the terrain but are slowly being recruited into this ugly vice; and

5. There is no big fish or small fish in this trade. The small fish are known. If left unchecked, they will graduate into bigger monsters destroying the community.

600 Kilogrammes of Bhang seized by Multi Agency Team in Isiolo last week. GSU land cruiser was involved | Photo Courtesy


1. Sensitization on proper ubringing matters. Proper socialization of the young members of the society is key;

2. There is need to strengthen and foster respect for the institution of ‘family’. Needs a wholistic and holistic approach;

3. Sensitization on the need to adopting the concept of ‘the child belonged to the whole community’. Discipline should be every adult’s responsibility;

4. Ostracise drug peddlers and traffickers. They need to be names and shamed. There is need to loudly teach kids they aren’t role models. They should be reported frequently even if they secure release. They should be harassed endlessly as well as roughed up if need be;

5. Invest and sensitize on the valued of education Invest in education. Ensure all stakeholders pull in the same direction in a collaborative approach;

6. Provide opportunities for vocational training and sensitize children and the youth on value of blue-collar employment;

7. Invest in and mount continuous campaign on value of seeking halal rizq; and

8. Condemn as well as stop glorifying corrupt leaders.

Whispers acknowledge contributions from Diba Nagele and Ibrahim Bidu

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