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Miraa trade banned in Isiolo County To Curb the Spread of Coronavirus

By Whispers Correspondent

Isiolo County Coronavirus Committee has banned the sale and consumption of Miraa in the county indefinitely.

Isiolo County Commissioner Herman Shambi addressing the media

Speaking after the lengthy meeting yesterday afternoon, Isiolo County Commissioner Herman Shambi said that controlling crowding and spread of the disease through the herb can only be achieved through banning it.

Isiolo County COVID-19 Emergency Response Committee Co-chaired by the County Commissioner Herman Shambi and Isiolo County Executive officials, composed of religious leaders, County Security Team, leaders of Civil Society Organisations in the effort to fight the spread of Corona Virus have this morning banned the sale and consuming of Miraa in Isiolo County.

Miraa stuff

“We will from today start arresting all the Miraa vehicles getting into our county to stop Miraa from reaching us,” said the County Commissioner. 

“Other counties are blaming us for not banning it because they are buying it at our borders,” he added. 

And, while announcing the ban in the County Commissioner said that miraa business poses a high risk in the spread of the Covid-19 and that the suspension is just one of the many measures to be implemented in Isiolo.

But in yesterday’s meeting Mr Shambi did not say what other measures his administration is planning to put in place to curb any possible spread of the coronavirus. However, today’s follow-up meeting, the committee directed all Chiefs and Ward Administrators to adopt a daily displaying of COVID-19 emergency numbers by their doors for easier intervention incase of any emergency.

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Miraa being loaded on a truck | Photo Courtesy

Several other resolutions were also reached, among them; closure of mosques and churches, closure of all open air markets in the county especially the Thursday market day. The open air market which goes on at Soko Mjinga opposite Central division was also banned. Additionally, it was agreed that there will be regular fumigation exercise in all food markets and livestock markets.

In their second meeting today, the committee agreed that the Miraa business due to poor unhygienic handling of the crop could put users at high risk of been infected with Coronavirus and its equal widespread. The County Commissioner called upon Isiolo residents to bear with the bann adding that this was for their future good.

According to the commissioner, all the open air markets have been closed except the foodstuffs and livestock markets.


The committee agreed to close all the casinos and enforce all the directives given by the Health ministry on Sunday. 

Isiolo County Health CECM Wario Galma asked the foodstuffs traders to provide handwashing points and ensure high level of hygiene. 

According to the CECM, temperature testing points will be established at the entry of the county especially those who are coming from other counties headed to Isiolo markets. 

The security officers will also from today ensure that children are not playing haphazardly to avoid coming into contact with infected persons.

In addition to that, Imams were called upon to sensitize Muslim faithfuls on changing their attitudes that there is no Coronavirus and incase any, prayers only will help in healing but instead emphasis on maintaining health and safety precautions.

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However, from the look of things residents from low level income are not happy with the

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