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ISIOLO: Governor Kuti Announces Measures Put In Place To Curb COVID-19

By Whispers Team

Kuti on CoVID
Governor Kuti addressing Isiolo residents on Wednesday 18 March, 2020 during opening of Isolation Wards. Photo Courtesy

Even though the Governor of Isiolo Dr. Mohamed Kuti has been so preoccupied, having been tasked with the role of 21 Member National Preparedness Committee on Coronavirus also called COVID-19, Isiolo County was not left behind too in his juggling and balancing of duties among them managing the County and Chairing Council of Governor’s Health Committee.


Speaking at Isiolo County and Referral Hospital on Wednesday after inspecting the COVID-19 Isolation wards, Kuti said that the County was ready should the virus hit it. Dr. Kuti has outlined a raft of measures that the county residents should observe to remain secure from COVID-19 virus.


A County preparedness committee has meanwhile been set up consisting of the Governor, the County Commissioner, as Co-chairs as well as CEC Health, CEC Water and CEC Finance as members.

As a way of reducing spread of the virus, Dr. Kuti has advised Miraa/Khat chewers which is popular in Isiolo to be washing it with hot water in order to kill the virus.


He further reiterated “Miraa/Khat  is harvested by use of hands. It is bundled together by use of hands. When brought to the market, customers touch each bundle before deciding which one to buy. Before you buy, you touch almost ten bundles thus, spreading the Coronavirus,” Kuti explained.

Governor Kuti has also banned all the public gatherings in all the wards until further notice. He has directed all the clubs, bars and casinos to be opening their business from 7PM to 11PM until the Corona pandemic subsidies.


The Governor has also directed all the public places to provide hand washing points and sanitisers in order to counter the spread of the deadly virus.

“Let those who sell foods and drinks ensure that they have high level of hygiene in order to keep the COVID-19 at bay,” he advised.

Governor Kuti has advised the aged, the sick and the HIV positive members of the society to keep themselves away from worship centres to avoid the disease because they are the ones more likely to succumb to the disease than any other category.

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He wondered how children are allowed to mingle in the villages yet the government ordered the closure of schools to avoid the disease.

Isiolo County opened a 20-bed ward for isolating any case of COVID-19 for adult males, females and children in Isiolo KMTC campus.


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