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By Concerned Resident,

Dear Leaders,

1). Allow me to send you sincere greetings with full courtesy, respect and protocol.

2). I fully understand that this is not the best mode of communication. However, the fallback to this option was informed by the fact that the youths, elders, women and all spectrum of the people of goodwill are unable to reach out to you due to deliberate communication breakdown you instigated against your constituents. Furthermore, you have also decided singularly and collectively to address us on issues of critical importance through the national media. Also, we have used this option because you can access this medium and should be convenient for you to access this message in full transparency. It will also afford opportunity to the people of goodwill on this page to reflect on this matter for the sake of greater good for all rather than self interests that has characterised leadership in Marsabit and Isiolo Counties and its constituencies. Specific message has been sent to each of the leaders as part of civic education on leadership and hopefully they will acknowledge it. 


3). We entrusted our leaders with this position in full trust and confidence to provide responsive and good leadership. Leadership is not about self interest and prestige. It is about consultation, walking together and working together. However, through a serious acts of omission and commission you have consistently precipitated leadership crisis, which we will not enumerate but point out to the unfulfilled promises of development to your constituents and lack of effective representation at all levels. 

4). Kenya is in a historical moment – a moment that is defined by Building Bridges Initiative that will usher in constitutional and institutional reforms with wider implications for society-society and state-society relations. 

5). Despite the political undertones, which is often a universal phenomenon characterising constitutional change, institutions emanating from such reforms will ultimately benefit all Kenyans including your constituents. For your information and reference, the main agenda of BBI are: Ethnic antagonism; Lack of a national ethos; Inclusivity; Devolution; Divisive elections; Security; Corruption; Shared prosperity and Responsibility. 

6). While BBI is trailblazing, instead of leading, you have decided either to be indifferent or display a posture that do not conform to the consensus of our people. This unacceptable situation has compromised the rights, privileges and interests of your constituents.

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7). As stated earlier, the way forward is to declare a leadership vacuum. A mechanism should be put in place to seal the gap in leadership deficit as a transitional arrangement until the general election.

Thank you and be blessed.

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