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DIPLOMACY|| Abba Gadaa, PM Abiy and Kenyan Leaders gathered for Regional Development, Peace and Unity.

By Team Whispers – Yaballo, Ethiopia

Leaders converging at Yaballo in Ethiopia

OROMOS from all over the world joined the Abbaa Gadaa (Borana Supreme Leader), the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali and leaders drawn from Tana River, Isiolo and Marsabit (TIM) Counties led by Marsabit Governor H.E Mohamud Ali for the celebration of the 3rd anniversary of UNESCO’s inscription of the Gadaa System into the representative list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Amid the Oromo people’s peaceful struggle for self-determination and for a federal and democratic Ethiopia, the declaration of their traditional, socio-political governance system (‘Gadaa’) as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage could attract much-needed international attention and help raise awareness of the Oromo’s plight. 

The Gadaa system comprises regulatory measures pertaining to issues such as conflict resolution, questions of religion and to women’s rights. In contrast to the modus operandi employed by the current, authoritarian government, the Gadaa form of governance contains provisions guaranteeing an effective system of ‘checks and balances’, the separation of powers and an institutionalised opposition – all of which provides safeguards against totalitarianism and a governmental abuse of power.

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The three day ceremony was held at Yaballo, Ethiopia.

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