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Wajir County Government is Rotten to Core says Senator Ali

Dr. Abdullahi Ali, Wajir Senator | Photo Courtesy

By Senator (Dr) Abdullahi Ali.

Salaams my people! 

In exercise of my oversight role under Article 96(4) of the Constitution my office has undertaken a thorough investigation into the affairs of County Government of Wajir. The investigation has revealed the following damning facts:

Aerial view of Wajir County |Photo Courtesy

1. The Wajir County Government receives Ksh 150 Million as Emergency Relief Fund every year but they have never responded to any emergency. They pocketed the public funds and watched as Wajir residents were ravaged by drought and killed in their hundreds by flash floods with no mitigation and emergency response. Now that there are locust invasion in parts of the County they are not doing anything about it because the money meant for such emergencies has already been mercilessly chewed.

Camel overwhelmed by drought | Photo Courtesy

2. The County Government has purportedly bought relief food worth Ksh 250 Million but the reality is that they have bought substandard and poisonous food with much less than the quoted amount and looted the rest of the monies. The cereal store at Wajir is full of poisonous food and a spot check by journalists and members of the public will reveal the same.


3. The County Government under the current regime has never bought any vehicles for Government use and vehicles bought by the previous regime are grounded due to mechanical problems, fuel issues and non-payment of staff allowance.

4. The economy of the County is on its knees and the pocket of the common mwananchi has dried up. Suppliers are not paid and are closing down business due to huge liabilities with pending bills hitting a record high.

5. There is no tangible flagship projects done by this regime since its inception with all the funds meant for development going into the pockets of individuals.

I am unable to understand how the Governor can have a sound sleep at night under the prevailing circumstances and even has the audacity to threaten leaders who openly talk about his looting spree. Doesn’t these prick his conscience?

All these are happening under the watchful eye of Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) with their officers turning a blind eye and doing nothing about it. They should stop playing with the lives of Wajir residents and act accordingly.


I urge the civil societies, the press and members of the public to be vigilant and put these rogue Government to task.

I want to thank the brave workers of the County Government and patriotic residents who exposed the rot at the County Government. Keep keeping up and my office is open anytime for any further information.

May God bless Wajir.

Dr. Abdullahi Ali is the current Senator for Wajir County.

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