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Mustapha Mbuthia | Photo Courtesy

By Mustapha Mbuthia

It is very sad that the emotive land issue has turned out to be a political battle between US versus THEM. It shouldn’t. I have watched in utter dismay that many do not understand the issues at hand. Only resorting to name calling based on political affiliations. Effects of land matters is too grave to play and fidget around with it.

Natural Ecosystems of Community Land | Photo Courtesy


On urban settlements: 

We all agree the need of tittles for our urban /township areas. Those from urban settlements can agitate for town tittles without pinning others along. The County Government can facilitate issuance of such titles.

The Magnificent Barsalinga Towers in Isiolo Town |Photo Courtesy

Isiolo County is not only about central townships. Others have a different way of life which must be respected and their dignity upheld .If we have NO KNOWLEDGE on grazing/community land, it is wise to keep off.

Community/Grazing lands:

If the adjudication process goes on as stipulated in the infamous Gazette Notice No. 150L, it will be one of the greatest injustice to our pastoralist communities in their ancestral and traditional grazing areas.

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Ancestral Community Land

Pastrolist’s way of life squarely relies on such community land. In layman’s terms, if the land changes status, it becomes a subject to manipulation of poor locals by ‘Bwenyenyes’ read the wealthy and rich. Thereafter, a fenced private chunk resulting in automatic restriction of movement. Not only will it deprive nomadic herders their source of livelihood but also a recipe for unhinged conflicts.

LAPPSET /Nothern corridor:

It is evident the LAPPSET/Nothern corridors project is at play. Despite any other mega projects in the offing, we must NEVER sell our communities to powerful land grabbers in readiness for compensations.

Northern great Road from Isiolo to Moyale

Isiolo County is already under siege from all angles, loosing such community land would be our LAST NAIL IN THE COFFIN.

History will judge us harshly!!

Mustapha Mbuthia is a political commentator and vied for Isiolo North Constituency in 2017 polls.

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