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Governor says MPs caused Kanyiri’s transfer from Isiolo

By Waweru Wairimu

Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti has claimed that MPs from the county are to blame for the transfer of County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri to Busia.

County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri

Mr Kanyiri had served in the county for five months before he was moved.

Speaking at a meeting in Isiolo town, Mr Kuti accused senators Fatuma Dullo and Abshiro Halake (Nominated), Rehema Jaldesa (Woman Rep) and MPs Hassan Odha (Isiolo North) and Abdi Koropu (Isiolo South) of intimidating and threatening the administrator over his strict stand on land adjudication.

Isiolo County Members of Parliament


“Telling residents that title deeds are good was what caused his transfer. We will not allow a leadership of threatening and intimidating civil servants. Everyone who lives and comes to Isiolo must feel at home,” said Mr Kuti.

Governor meeting selected people over land tussles

The row between the legislators and the county commissioner started in October when they complained over a crackdown after the security team seized 115 camels in Biliqo, Merti which were reported to have been stolen from Garissa.

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The leaders, while terming the crackdown as pure injustice, then insisted that the camels belonged to a known herder and accused the police of using wrong mechanisms in identifying stolen animals, thereby exposing rightful owners to embarrassment and loss.


Days later, all the five legislators snubbed the Mashujaa Day celebrations which the governor and MCAs also failed to attend.

The county commissioner then admitted that he was aware that some leaders were unhappy with the way his team had carried out the Merti operation but dismissed claims of bad blood between him and the politicians.

While saying each leader was at liberty to attend or skip the event, Mr Kanyiri asked the politicians to appreciate the good work being done by the security team in dealing with cattle rustling and vowed to continue being firm and fair in the operations.

The coming into force of legal notice establishing the county as an adjudication area widened the rift between the MPs and Mr Kanyiri.

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The leaders, who want the notice revoked and done afresh in line with the Community Land Act, last month accused Mr Kanyiri of supporting the county government that wants the order amended so that adjudication is done only in townships and settled areas approved by the county assembly.


“The county commissioner must tell us who he is working for and if not for Isiolo people, we will ask him to vacate,” Nominated Senator Halake said.

The administrator then accused the leaders of opposing a government programme that seeks to speed up the issuance of title deeds.

“How could I be discussing with them on political podium when they are opposing a government programme?” Kanyiri posed when contacted by the Nation.

In his Jamhuri Day speech, Mr Kanyiri appealed to the MPs and Governor Kuti to avoid trading barbs in public and to amicably settle their differences for them to forge ahead while united.

“That is my sincere advice. If I will get another chance to address such a gathering, I will re-emphasise on the same (unity),” he said.

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Following his transfer, Mr Kanyiri will be replaced by outgoing Homa Bay County Commissioner Harman Shambi to whom he will hand over on Monday.

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