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Isiolo Leaders during Jamhuri Day 2019 Celebrations

By Rashid Osman

The County leaderships seems to be out of touch with reality of their pathological lies and never ending circus, around issues of land and good governance publicized albeit the electorates demand for scrutiny.

Tides and waves of public opinion regarding governance has changed dramatically within just a few years, courtesy of five gallant Members of Parliament.

Isiolo Governor and County Secretary during Jamhuri day Celebrations

Much of this attitudinal transformation is the result of more and more desperation among the people being shocked on finding their County leadership tilting openly towards the interest of cartels and mandarins working day and night to takeover the ancestral Community land.

The public opinion regards beyond reasonable doubt that on the echelon of county management lies pitiless leadership that is by far more concerned with kickbacks into their pockets, with no regards for the magnitude of consequences involved in future that may arise out of today’s reckless decisions.

This understandings and awakening are more of blessings and liberations from the yoke of corrupt county leadership for the disadvantaged residents of Isiolo County. No matter the reactions, this bit of truth couldn’t be denied.


The public pictures at Isiolo Police Parade ground where the Jamhuri day celebration was held clearly points to testimony and declaration of public opinion. 

Rejection, deception, banishment from ancestral land by cartels based in Nairobi in collusion with Isiolo county government and team “Urbu” (handouts) loomed big in the thoughts of each and every member of the community as crowd roared in chorus branding the Governor ‘Mwizi’ (Thief).

Isiolo County Governor Dr. Mohamed Abdi Kuti |Photo Courtesy

Many personal narratives poured out by leaders beard this out. Politicians that hired goons to cause mayhem were caught off guard as the hired goons to hinder Members of Parliaments making speeches were arrested in public triggered by leaders outcry.


Despite few case of attempted harassment, the honourable ladies led gallant Members of Parliament and nailed the concept of independence, governance and numerous other repercussions in the event of any deviation.

Land and education being rated as the only inheritance in this region for future generation is at stake right now. Something learnt hundreds of years ago but seems lost in the minds and memory of Isiolo County Government leadership and team of elders locally referred to as “team urbu” (Team handouts) or rent seekers according to majority of the electorate.

The community members rediscovered this truth and applied it to lives both in private and in public regardless of their diverse tribal divides and preserve the future to leave better legacy behind.

In philosophy, especially that of Aristotle, the golden mean is the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency. 

Courage and virtue, if taken to excess would manifest as recklessness and if deficient as cowardice. It’s manifestation in public domain is visible to all blessed with faculty of insight into Isiolo County.

Since this turn of events, under the weight of uncertainty, at least everyone in his mind with everything disoriented and out of place, the courage of the gallant Members of Parliament acts as a therapy to courage and focus for the people of Isiolo.

When the spirit are chilled, plans in disarray, a voice of hope telling one that regardless of hurdles, you shall be victorious as you stand for truth. That turned and spiced up the courage of fighting a battle of wounded lion at every level so long it’s within the prescribed law to defend what’s legally yours and right.

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Many people present during the celebration described the indefatigable Members of Parliament and the Deputy Governor in the following quotes;

Isiolo County Woman Representative Hon. Rehema Jaldesa | Photo Courtesy

“When we are feeling despondent and lowly hopeless, deep down against all odd, the courage of our Woman Representative Hon. Rehema Dida Jaldesa lifts our morale. Her well articulated words and sentences flows in musical tones, rhythm and voice the style, the ideas, the perceptions that can open the heart and calm our mind. Triggering each of us to whisper into his/her hearts yes we can”

Isiolo County Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Hon. Fatuma Dullo | Photo Courtesy

“When all the colours of our life have bleached and merged to shades of grey, the bravery of our fiery lioness, our heart healer aka ‘Mama Mboga, ‘Mama Kazi’, Mama Haki’ Senator Hon. Fatuma Dullo, comes into our mind and fuels our heart with courage.”

Nominated Senator Hon. Abshiro Halakhe | Photo Courtesy

“When we think of next step in the event this issue may incorporate international partners, someone whose blues are deeper than ours, with vast experience in education, international diplomacy and wide ranging knowledge, our hearts and minds turns to Hon. Senator Abshiro Halakhe Sora whose resonant tones assures and comfort Our soul.”

Isiolo North Constituency Member of Parliament Hon. Hassan Odha |Photo Courtesy

“When the doubt about history of lands in this County, uncertainty, that perplexed and gave us sleepless night in fear of being banished from our ancestral land, the background knowledge of our area Member of Parliament Hon Hassan Odha Hulufo provided as with all assurance and courage.”

Isiolo South Constituency Member of Parliament Hon. Abdi Koropu

“When we see the confidence and bold posture coupled with utmost intelligence and courage of Isiolo South Member of Parliament Hon. Abdi Koropu, all odds that dampened and overwhelmed our life with insecurity, instantly cleared giving us a second chance in life and morale to stand up and agitate for our right in regard to our land.”

Isiolo County Deputy Governor Dr. Abdi Issa| Photo Courtesy

“Isiolo Deputy Governor Dr. Abdi Ibrahim Issa did not mince his words when he exposed the rot and disorder in the regime he is serving. Though, he is nominally part and parcel of the current administration, he has been deliberatedly sidelined on matters governance and community affairs and as such he has been incapacitated invariably by the very same Isiolo County Administration. However, he reiterated that such overtures won’t slow him down” Though, his speech was cut short by the regime operatives by switching off his microphone.

Evidently any man blessed with a slight drop of intelligence sees that the world is a complex structure. The lack of philosophical approach of libretti stood in between the community and their right as few cartels members made use of ignorance of law to further enrich their might brushing community interest aside.

Once again spirits are lifted, history made and the five Member of Parliament shall go down the history of Isiolo County.

The yesterday hopelessness, that dimmed the light is itself experiencing the sensations and impacts of emotions of joined voices and melodies that exposed the shambles within the county management as the once defiant county leadership and elders “Team urbu” that spit fire displaying sign of crack and likely disintegration as Governor holds up olive branch, but the element of trust in between the two camps is nowhere closer.

Aluta continua!- The struggle continues!

Rashid Osman is a commentator on political and social issues.

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