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By Team Whispers

Borana Council of Elders (BCE) organised consultative between Governor Kuti’s hand picked Committee and Members of Parliament dubbed Team Pentagon comprising of;
1. Senator Fatuma Dullo- Isiolo Senator;
2. Senator Abshiro Halakhe- Nominated Senator;
3. Hon. Rehema Jaldesa- Isiolo County Woman Representative;
4. Hon. Abdi Koropu- MP, Isiolo South Constituency;
5. Hon. Hassan Odha- Isiolo North Constituency.


The was convened by and moderated by the highly respected Secretary General Mzee Jimale Golicha and the charismatic Chairman Mzee Abdullahi Hajj Gonjobe.

The meeting between the Elders and the Team Pentagon (Members of Parliament) ended in mutual agreement. Nonetheless, Elders had registered their disatisfaction “Qufdab” with the Team Pentagon. This was found without basis and as Boran tradition demands the MP’s were not told of their said “Qufdab” before summoning them. 

Technically the “Qufdab” cannot be sustained as it lacks substance and merits. However, since the Elders must be respected owing to their age, it is untraditional and against the Borana to fault them and so the common ending was “Lakisa Hinebimna” was issued as the final verdict. Therefore, this was a win-win for both warring sides.

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It was also noted that the Team Pentagon have appeased the Elders by honouring their summons. The Pentagon Team raised and tackled their concerns properly and tabled the following resolutions;
a) That there will be no more negotiations without revoking Legal Notice No.150;

Legal Notice No. 150

b) The current survey and adjudications must be stopped till pending issues are resolved amicably;
c) The report by the County Assembly on Land Adjudication must be shelved. This week the Members of the County Assembly are expected to table and pass resolution to request the Cabinet Secretary for adjudication which must be nipped in the bud;
d) The Governor should be part and parcel of the consultations for consensus building; and
e) There should be ceasefire for the next three to four days till those demands are met.


The Elders agreed but they requested for more time of consultation with the Governor and Members of the County Assembly and report back to them within the stipulated four days. The meeting will be convened under auspices of Borana Council of Elders starting from tomorrow.

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It was also agreed that Cabinet Secretary for Lands issued the Legal Notice No. 150 in haste without full consultations.

The Elders have also managed to stop immediate plans of the Team Pentagon (5MP’s) to go to Garbatula for public education on community Land. The Pentagon will now go to Garbatula on Thursday and perhaps meet with the team of Elders for more consultations. 

Caveat was put that, if the Members of the County Assembly pass the request without consulting the people, the Elders and their sponsor will face the full wrath of the Isiolo community. Furthermore, the unexplained urge to adjudicate puts into disarray a process of Community Land inventory which was already conducted and presented through the Parliamentary Pastoralists Group (PPG). (Though, the inventory requires revisiting- Whispers Team). The County Government should make public the Registered Community Land.

It is therefore fair to conclude that the motive of the Legal Notice -150 is to throw the comnunity land registration process into the dustbin ab initio. The onus of defending every inch of their land rests with the mighty community of isiolo. 

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No amount of intimidation should shake people who stand for their right because God is also with them.

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