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Rejoinder From The Isiolo County Government || Thorny Matters on Land in Isiolo is real

Abdikadir Ali Koricha

By Abdikadir Ali Koricha

I have been closely following flurry of brainstorming debate on the various queries pertaining to land on the noble and the most respected platform of Isiolo Professionals Caucus. Invariably, I have responded urgently to queries where need be in the spirit of collective responsibility together with some of my colleagues. I wish to thanks our Parliamentarians for their occassional inputs from time to time.

First and foremost, I wish to thank members of the professional group for showing utmost respect, maturity and enviable sobriety during our engagement. It is through such informed opinion and objective critique that we can correct the wrongs and sometimes offer our well thought out policies of the County Government meant for the betterment of our Isiolo people.

Map of Isiolo County

From our constructive engagement, I have synchronised and summarised notable points that will be forwarded to the office of the Governor as follows;

THAT: Members of Isiolo Professional Group has forwarded the following request to the County Department of Land, through the office of H.E the Governor:

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📌That County Government must quash, nullify or amend Legal Notice No: 150 on Land Adjudication Act and issue a new restricted and specific order on the affected pieces of Land. This should be undertaken through comprehensive public participation, with directions and inputs from the County Assembly and all other elected leaders. Ensure that Community Land and other public utility lands are clearly demarcated and protected from land grabbers.

Legal Notice No. 150 by CS for Lands

📌That ONLY pieces of Land within residential areas, that is, Municipality and 10 Townships are considered under this exercise so the ongoing titling program will not suffer. And that earmarked areas for titling be declared in exact areas, in land mass and lists of the targeted or perceived beneficiaries.

📌Declare any parcels of Lands registered as freehold to individuals; outside of the ones set aside for community and public use purposes, as alloted to community members for commercial and residential as well as those pieces set aside for public utility purposes.

📌 Explanations on Community Land; registration and management structures established to administer the Community Lands. Process and procedures emplaced for individuals and governments to acquire part of the Community Land for public utility use or for socioeconomic use by the community members.

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📌If there are any parcels of Lands registered as freehold to individuals; outside community, and public land as alloted to community members for commercial, residential and public utility purposes.

Finally, I assure members of the Isiolo Professionals and other stakeholders that I will submit your concerns as I captured above through the Department of Lands to the highest office in the County which is the office of Governor for considerations. On behalf of myself and the County Government, we are looking forward for more engagement on any issues affecting our community. Our door is open for all. Thank you and be blessed.

Abdikadir Ali Koricha is the current Chief Officer in charge of Public Service Management, IsioloCounty Government.

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