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The following indrastructure developments points possibility of the above dream even earlier;

1. The LAPSSET cordial has placed Isiolo as its centre with a resort city and International Airport. The airport runway is being extended by 4 klometers to take the largest planes possible. A beautiful resort city at Kipsing Gap has been planned by a Japanese specialised planning company and infrastructure development will commence in the very near future.

2. The road from Isiolo to Moyale at the Ethiopia boarder has been completed and it is a wonder to behold. The largest wind power plant in African which is located in Marsbit is not generatic power to the nationsl grid. It is the largest private sector investiment in the history of Kenya. I encourage local tourists to travel that road and sleep on the Ethiopia side and get to know your country.

3. The road to Nairobi through Nanyuki or through Embu was completed many years ago.

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4. The road from Garissa to Modogashe in on going. This will be completed in the next 2 years.

5. The World Bank is providing Ksh 70 billion for the construction of Isiolo Mandera road which will enable road to Modogashe from Garissa  to reach Isiolo.

6. For the first time South Africa Development bank will finance a major project in Kenya, the Isiolo Lamu tarmac road.

7. Through Archers Post the LAPSSET cordial will digress through Samburu and Turkana to Juba and will have a road, railway and oil pipeline. This however may take time because funds are not tied up yet.

These are 6 international roads joining Isiolo. Compare this with Nairobi which has only 4; 1  1. Nairobi, Kisumu2. Nairobi Mombasa3. Nairobi Namanga and4. Thika road 

The natural gas deposits at the Isiolo – Wajir border is another potential economic catalyst. 

For those who may not know Isiolo Town is the exact centre of Kenya. If you place a pin below map of Kenya drawn to exact scale it balances.

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