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Kenya’s Samburu listed among 25 most beautiful places in the world

Kenya’s Samburu region has been listed as one of the most beautiful and amazing places in the world that one should consider to visit for breathtaking moments. 

According to a report by CNN, Samburu is among the 25 world’s most spectacular places full of beauty in every corner.

Samburu listed among 25 most beautiful places in the world.Photo:Bigtime safaris Source: UGC 

Characterised by grassland, reticulated giraffe, elephants and acacia-dotted landscapes of its national reserve,

Samburu is considered a haven for some of Africa’s most beguiling wildlife. 

Its serene environment is further beautified by Somali Ostrich, Gerenuk and the Beisa Oryx commonly known as Samburu.

Samburu National Reserve has at least 900 elephants according to Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) Large predators such as lion, leopard and cheetah also form an important attraction. 
The reserve covers an area of 165 Km² and is located around 345Km from Nairobi Kenya’s Samburu listed among 25 most beautiful places in the world.

Photo:KWS Source: UGC Samburu National Reserve is situated in the southeastern corner of Samburu district in the Rift Valley region of Kenya. 
It is bordered to the south by Ewaso Nyiro River, which separates it from the Buffalo Springs National Reserve. 

Other amazing places that were listed by CNN include: 

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda 

The forest is covered with dense, lush and otherworldly trees and has 348 bird species and 220 butterfly species can be found within its 331-square-kilometer expanse. 

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda. This lush forest is one of the last homes of the mountain gorilla, and over 400 call this national park home. Roger de la Harpe/UIG/Getty Images Source: UGC

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