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TIYAH GALGALO’s LEGACY | The Killer Gotu Bridge is No More

By Whispers Correspondent 

It’s the time of the year when people of Merti-sub County fear crossing the stormy, ghostly GOTU Bridge. People experience extreme fear crossing the killer bridge during raining season, and if you don’t at least get some butterflies in your chest, I probably won’t believe you.

It has been pretty frightening to drive over on a floody days, when visibility level of the edges of Gotu Bridge falls almost to Zero. If driving over the rushing water of the horrifying sound isn’t scary enough, walking the single, narrow lane of the killer bridge can take the fear factor to the ultimate level.

Hon. Tiyah Galgalo

To remedy this, Hon. Tiya Galgalo, the first Women M.P for Isiolo County did her best to lobby for construction of a new bridge in order to safe her people from the danger of that particular bridge. Listed as one of her Campaign pledge during 2013 General Election, I can now state in black and white that Hon. Tiya has fulfilled the most crucial promise she made to her people.

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No more horrors of the Killer Bridge which the residents of Gotu Village have proposed it’s name changed to Tiya Bridge.

A big thank you Madam Tiya, you have left behind a legacy to be celebrated and remembered for.

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