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By Whispers Team 

1. An illiterate person has to hold your hand and make decisions for you.
2. You follow a group and hate who they hate and love who they love. Blind following of groups with no basis in ideology; clanism, tribalism, nationalism and racism are the sanctuary of fools and the ignorant.
3. You consider yourself better than others and spend many hours of your day trying to prove that through grooming yourself and greasing your hair. If your idea of being better is how you look and nothing more.
4. You are for sale for a cheap price and will do anything to increase your earnings. The educated cannot be bought with paltry pieces of silver.
5. You willingly and knowingly do morally repugnant acts on the order of any authority. If you can commit crimes, wanton destruction, trample on strangers and block people’s ways on the order of anyone else, you are just an illiterate goon not better a weapon in someone else’s hands.
6. You hurt people and derive any pleasure from doing so. Sadistic individuals cannot be termed as educated, they are deviants and perverts. Psychopaths fall in this category; they are more rampant than you think.
7. You see apologising for your actions as a weakness. You will commit and error of judgment or step on others, if you feel above apology and amending your ways, you are an ignoramus.
8. You engage in pointless competition with others for no specific gain. Many of those who do these are employees who compete and villainously engage in office politics.
9. Work on the order of others. If you work when being seen by your superiors and idle when no one is watching.
10. If the last thing you ever read was the material for your final examinations.



Education is not just knowing some material and holding some qualifications. Education must open up your mind. It must illuminate what is good and wholesome and guide you away from idle pursuits, excessive attachment to material things and blind following of strange and dangerous doctrines. Education is a continuous effort at one’s self-improvement. Read, study, learn, experiment, analyse and then share with others. That’s how one can spiral to the next level.

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Whispers from the North is an online platform that appreciates the ecological, cultural and socio-economic diversities of Northern Kenya. We also acknowledge that the lives of the communities of northern Kenya has been shaped by a number of intrinsic and extrinsic factors which have led to complex challenge that calls for a multifaceted approach.