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Hello Editor,

My concern is about the numerous Government parastatals in Isiolo County with few or no local faces/staffs. How many local staffs do we have in KRA, NSSF, NHIF, EACC? Does it mean we don’t have skilled personnel to fit in there?

One thing i know and believe is that the currents staffs/non-locals were being ‘fixed’ from top by ‘mtu yao’. Dont we have right to demand for ‘our slots’. Take a good example of North Eastern Counties, Garissa in particular. Those guys know their right man. Leave alone government parastatals, even NGOs they will make sure that three-quarter of employed staffs are locals.

Ironically in Isiolo, the one to commission these new offices are our own leaders. To them, seeing their names on the wall at the door-step is just enough! Why don’t they demand the list of staffs employed and ensure that locals are given priorities?

Revolution is coming soon.

Best regards,

Disturbed Graduate.

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