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  • Reduce the number of Members of Parliament and Senators from the current total of 467 to 147. There will be 94 elected MPs (based on counties) and 6 nominated MPs hence a total of 100 MPs. Each county will elect one male MP and one Female MP. There will be a total of 47 Senators. This will resolve the 2/3 gender issue by ensuring 50% male MPs against 50% female MPs.
  • Elevate Senate to be an Upper House with veto powers. This ensures that National Assembly is checked and over sighted. This will ensure Senators can veto parliament especially when it passes senseless inflated budgets as has been the case in the last seven years.
  • Introduce a one 7-year term presidency. Reduce the frequency of elections and the resources wasted on the elections and the damage to the economy due to electoral uncertainties.
  • Reduce cost of running parliament from current KES 36.8 billion to less than KES 5 billion per year. This saves tax payers KES 31.8 billion. This has been done by pegging the budget of parliament to be a percent of national revenues by introducing the following new clauses: 201 (e) the national budget of Parliament shall not be more than point three five percent of the most recent audited accounts revenue approved by the National Assembly as read together with Article 203 (3). (f) Not more than twenty percent of parliament’s total annual budget shall be expended on salaries and allowances to members of Parliament. This means that the fortunes of MPs will be synchronized with those of the economy. If the economy suffers the MPs suffer too and vice versa.
  • Removing disparity in public wage system by introducing the following new clause in the constitution 201 (g) The highest paid public servant or state officer shall be paid a salary and allowances not exceeding fifty times that of the lowest paid public servant or state officer.
  • Abolish nominations in the National Assembly (except for 6 Special Interest Groups), County Assemblies and Senate.
  • Abolish the position of Deputy Governor. The Governor to nominate from among the duly vetted and appointed County Executive Officers, one of them to be his principal Assistant for purposes of administration. In the unlikely event of the position of Governor falling vacant, the Governor to be elected in a fresh by-election.
  • Constitutional commissions to comprise of not more than 5-part time members who will be sitting on a necessity basis and shall be paid a sitting allowance per sitting as will be set by the Salaries and Renumeration Commission.
  • Amend Chapter 6 of the Constitution to automatically adopt recommendations of public inquiry and audit reports and bar all adversely mentioned individuals from holding any public or state office. This will end both impunity and corruption and instill a culture of accountability for those serving in the public service.
  • Corruption and theft of public resources cases to be tried within 30 days and all appeals to be exhaustively concluded within 15 days.
  • Impose a life sentence for suspects convicted of corruption and theft of public funds. No presidential pardon and amnesty will be applicable in those cases.
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Dr. Ekuru Aukot is a Kenyan lawyer and politician. He is the party leader of Thirdway Alliance Kenya and a brainchild behind Punguza Mzigo initiative

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