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We recall that the Amhara Organization named GIMBOT-7 or Ex-Qinejit is the extremist and conservative Amhara Organization in Ethiopia and Abroad.  All Amhara activists who had been cursing TPLF and EPLF of Eritrea and President Isaias Afeworki in diaspora are members of GIMBOT-7. They used to wage propaganda that Eritrea is part of Ethiopia (Ethiopian property) and illegally seceded from Ethiopia by the evil plan of Isaias Aferwoki and former tinpot dictator the late Meles Zenawi.

Their doctors and lawyers waged extensive campaign in the International Forums to claim Assab and Mitsewa and crying for landlocked Ethiopia.  They had the plan to get rid of the TPLF government and take power and to invade Eritrea by force and at least take back Assab.  

However, with the total collapse of Qinejit, the Neftegna Amhara elites led by Dr Berhanu Nagga devised a new tactic to not publicly and openly confront the Eritrean Government while they fight against the TPLF. Accordingly, they formed a diaspora Organization called Gimbot-7 and Arbegnoch under the leadership of Dr Berhanu Negga.  Just to calm down the Eritreans and to play tricks they opened office in Asmara and tried to wage military operation from Eritrea in vain.  Anyhow they succeeded in pacifying the Eritreas and the Eritrean government. 

But the Eritrean government was neither buffoon nor a fool. They knew what Amharas are and how they think. The Eritrean government used their relation of hosting the GIMBOT-7 for their own interest.  They were even able to control some of the key leadership members of the GIM-7 and contained their move. While dealing with the Gim-7 that are mostly living abroad, the Eritrean government has been following what had been developing in Ethiopia since the QEERROO UPRISING. They have detail knowledge of how it started, who organised it, and what is happening and what will happen.  The Eritrean government clearly knows that it is the OLF that had been organising, coordinating and directing the Qeerroo movement since 2005.  From late 2014 onward the Eritrean government via their intelligence knew that the EPRDF regime would collapse due to the Qeerroo Movement. In an interview with the OMN, President Isaias boldly declared that EPRDF will fall. 

Qeerro uprising

The persistent Qeerroo Uprising continued unabated and unstoppable.  Qeerroo paid heavy sacrifices continuously and the three years of bitter struggle forced the TPLF to back off as TPLF’s servant Organizations in the EPRDF like the OPDO started to complain fearing that they would be destroyed by the revolution with the TPLF and the OPDO had no where to go even when Tigrayan bosses return to their Tigray Base as they have done later. 

Then a hasty move was made to form an umbrella body christened Amhara-Oromoo named OROMARA during this time by the ANDM of Amhara and OPDO from Oromia.  The leaders of OROMARA had several secret deals that they have not made known to the public. It is now being revealed that the OPDO and the ANDM, knowing that the QEERROOUPRISING was on its way to succeed was being organised, led and directed by the OLF, the two parties made a secret pact to grab the revolution for their own interests.  

In Oromara, the interest of ANDM is to get rid of federalism and propagate Ethiopianism which keeps Amhara supremacy over all Ethiopians intact. The other secret interest of Amhara elites is to reestablish the GREAT Ethiopia with the glories of the Amhara rule from Menelik to Mengistu Hailemariam. The glory includes Eritrea and its Red Sea Coasts.

The interest of the OPDO in the event when the vast majority of the Oromo people are rallying and intensifying their struggle with the OLF is to take Amharas as their new masters and protectors from Oromo revolution and to remain in power in Oromia and to save the property they hoarded by corruption, looting and evil ways. Consequently, to survive the OPDO secretly made secret deal with the Amhara politicians within or without Ethiopia to get rid of federalism and go for Unitarianism of Amharas. Since the formation of Oromara, the OPDO has totally succumbed to the fulfillment of Amhara interest at the expense of Oromos

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Finally, after SECRET deals with Amhara Elites, the coalition of Oromara in the EPRDF could influence especially the Southern Nations leaders and could elect Dr Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister. Poor Tigrayan TPLF was then systematically made moribund and dysfunctional and as such it was confined and limited to its Tigray hegemony.   

These very people have now flocked back to Ethiopia to revived the old Ethiopian Empire that includes Eritrea.  Gim-7 and Amhara Organizations command more respect than Oromos in Oromia.  The clueless OPDO is supporting them at the cost of Oromo interests. What is the secret of all this??

What the ANDM-OPDO (Oromara) used to propagate at the beginning of taking power from TPLF was to stop thinking of tribalism or nationalism and to think about the regional Integration. The Integration is to form union of countries in the Horn of Africa. The PM toured Sudan, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti.

The first move in this imagined hollow integration was to make peace with Eritrea. This could help them for two or more reasons.  The main reason was;
(a) To woo Eritrea not to host any Ethiopian opposition, especially the OLF;

(b) To use Eritrean ports instead of the highly expensive Djibouti;

(c) To pacify the Eritrean government and include into sphere of influence, and

(d) To make Ethiopians forget about internal politics and to chew the dream food of Horn of Africa Integration (MEDDEMER).

The secret behind this Integration is to finally get back Eritrea under Ethiopian rule by hoodwinking or by destabilising Eritrea and finally invading Eritrea. This is all underlying scheme or plan of Gimbot-7 and ANDM

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The very striking phenomena showing that OROMARA will invade Eritrea eventually can be evidenced from the OPDO government’s move to build ETHIOPIAN NAVY!  A navy without a sea or ocean outlet?  How come? Unless they eventually invade Eritrea, Djibouti or Somalia by force!!!  

The OPDO expected that the OLF will be subordinate to the OPDO like the ODFOLF-UnitedKWO and other Oromo fringe parties. That never happened. The OLF categorically declined to be inferior or play second fiddle to any force whatsoever. They denied the lame duck OPDO the revered respect and position they wanted others to acknowledge them as the defacto champions of the revolution. The OLF stand threw spanner into the works and made OROMORA top honchos ran into panic mode. The vast and tacit support of the Oromo people for the OLF made them ran bonkers. The OLF outfit has never considered the OPDO as an Oromo organization but as SERVANTS of alien forces.

A lot of intimidation and threats they have been advancing towards the OLF has turned to be fruitless and futile. Successive and sustained campaigns against the OLA has failed with the victory of the OLA that fights defensive wars. As things turned to be out of the hands for the ANDM (ADP), Gim-7 and the OPDO they have been committing series of blunders and mistakes daily and hence hastening their downfall. Not only on Oromo issues, the Ethiopian government is now making several governance mistakes that would turn their friends to arch-rivals. What they are and have been doing to Eritrea is one of such unethical and irresponsible geopolitical fault line! 

Eritreans will never ever lured into Ethiopia by Abyssinian tricks!! 

The OLF was and is the only strategic ally of the Eritreans people and their government. 

The unity between Eritreans and Oromos led by the OLF will guarantee sustainable peace in the region.

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