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By Happy Kulayo aka The Black Poet

Being SAKUYE son, I some time regret the choice second class SAKUYE are making when it comes to Kuti’s political carriers. The self proclaimed babayao has nothing to offer but uses few beneficiaries of his 15years political tenure to exploit SAKUYE to social political death bed.

Kuti has nothing to offer politically and economically to SAKUYE’s lives. He uses them as political ladder and dump them.

He never offer job to any sakuye because he don’t want to be challenged by smart upcoming brains in entire SAKUYE world.

Last year Kuti declared his “unfortunate expiry” from politics through an ill fated letter. He vowed not to vie for any political seat. His beneficiaries cried, because the tap they used to siphon will dry.

Personally I took this has a fun, in my words,I took pen to paper and wrote him a farewell poem for him on 4th April 2016 .it  reads as follows.


The legend wrote a letter

Early at the dawn. The messenger can’t read on his own

Elders gathered and welcomed warmly.

It was usual political business

Social one, to them has no essence. The letter was read to sakuye nation. To some it’s beyond their imagination. The legend retires on his own. To go and relax at his lavish home.The political ambition is gone . He no longer want to represent his own

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I know no one can feet his shoes,

For some that is already wrong moves. The house is already in wrangles. And nobody will unite the community in jungle.

Personally,  I will miss you

Not because he deed much

Because you brought “sky” from far. And now some sees they know much.

Yoyaah as many called him.

He knows how to mute elders

Will others able to Learn his tricks? And there is far from politicking.

Will new comers convince current elders. Who are on currently disintegrated. Every wooing his clan elders for himself Forgetting the larger sakuye unity.

Will they open their third eyes

And think beyond their noses

And hold on their horses

And unite sakuye sons and daughter’s?

The purported retirement was just brain game. His beneficiaries went on their knees chanted in grieve. They prayed earth to crack and swallow them alive. Kuti knows what he is doing,he is pretty sure his beneficiaries don’t want him to retire from politics they persuaded him go back to the game, because they dont tolerate to be political orphans.

It is quite clear that Kuti is being pushed into the race by a small, but vocal clique of die-hard supporters mainly comprising of Isiolo-based close beneficiaries of his 15 yrs rein. In his heart of hearts, Sen Kuti knows that he stands no chance of re-election. But fact of the matter is that this has nothing to do with Sen Kuti but his diehard supporters’ face saving antics. They cannot stand the shame of their candidate not appearing on the ballot. For them, it is better for Kuti to lose on the ballot than chicken out. Many thought that Kuti is wiser than his predessesor, Mokku, and knows when his time is up. By falling for his diehard supporters’s ego-boosting prodding, Kuti is setting himself for a really hard fall. Maybe he deserves that.

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 they say history repeats itself.

Those who I called second class sakuye’s are clueless SAKUYE. They only follow the name “SAKUYE” hence they end up trapped in Kuti’s bad leadership.

They never thought Kuti’s dynasty never help them. He just earn fortunes to control their brained.

After writing them a letter kuti came back through back door using same system. His beneficiaries lured him to come back to political limelight again. They have made at all cost showed Kuti pipe dream, that he may become second isiolo governor through is bulky cash.

His enormous cash at no time helped sakuye’s who are languishing in abject poverty, they’re not in the same league to meet to him, so that he may hear their plea.

Those who have access to kuti are his cronies, who I always prefer to call them beneficiaries. They are the ones who Kuti uses to exploit innocent sakuye.

Kuti’s scenario reminds of African proverb which says ” . It is only a stupid cow that rejoices at the prospect of being taken to a beautiful abattoir.” He advisors are just doing him more harm by making him use his hardly earned cash.

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Kuti has nothing to offer, personally in his political history he never stand with big brains in SAKUYE. He only stand with people who he can manipulate easily for his political gains. He is at political menopause and he deserve to rest and give a mantle to upcoming politicians in sakuye Nation.


Isiolo senator Mohammed Kuti to retire from politics on health grounds

By Ali Abdi | Sunday, Apr 24th 2016

Isiolo Senator Mohammed Kuti will bow out of politics in August next year. Dr Kuti (pictured) was the Isiolo North MP between 2003 and 2013. He also served as a Cabinet Minister in the Narc and Grand Coalition governments before his election as Senator in 2013 on a URP ticket.

In a letter sent to his Sakuye elders who were attending a clan meeting in Garba-Tula last weekend, the veteran politician said he will not defend his seat in the 2017 polls, citing health reasons.

The letter reads: ‘‘after 15 years of service, I intend to retire from politics in 2017 because of my health’”. He called on his clan to remain united, urging them to endorse a new political leader to take up the mantle

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  1. I agree with you. But Wait and see whether kuti will fail. Already in merti he demands great following

  2. Its unfortunate my former long time friend has lost many of his supporters. His name is not popular like in 2013.

  3. Kuti must fall In Shaa Allah

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