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By Senator Billow Kerrow (Mandera County)

I travelled out of the country today and have learn’t that police had arrested three MCAs in Mandera this morning in relation to the recent brawl in the County Assembly over the Supplementary Budget rejection. Their action is misplaced, and deserves to be condemned. It is also biased as the arrests involved those MCAs opposed to the Governor, and amounts to intimidation and harassment for snubbing the embattled Mandera Governor. Worse still, it undermines the independence of the Assembly; police have no business harassing the members whose conduct is usually addressed through the Powers & Privileges Act, and their Standing Orders. The perception among ordinary folks in the County is that the police action was instigated by the Governor, and this is bad for their image. Police should leave the MCAs to do their work. Rather than focus on the MCAs, they should act on the report of the Auditor General, Controller of Budget and other institutions that reveal the massive theft of funds in the county government, and arrest the County Government looters. The plunder of funds is blatant, and is common knowledge. Arrest the thieves, not the those fighting them! As members of EFP, we stand by the MCAs and urge them to reject the Supplementary Budget and any motion aimed at raising money for campaigns, and outright theft. They should stand firm in the exercise of their mandate and reject intimidation by the security agencies. The Governor and his cohorts must be ashamed of their incessant attempts to divert resources under the guise of drought intervention, rather than account for the billions approved in the current budget. Shame on you! #EFPLAUNCH


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