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By Salad Malicha


  • Maternal deaths has been hitting the ceiling every other day where we lose our babies and mothers. Currently the mortality rate/ maternal deaths stand at 700 deaths per 100,000 live births annually more than any other county in the Republic. The lame duck guy in the name of Governor has been playing with the lives of our people. He is a reckless mortal being who is indifferent to human lives. He is clueless on matters of governance and management. A staggering Ksh 840Million has been allocated to health care and they have nothing to show to the world. It has been established that Doyo’s spouse has opened a desk office in the Hospital for siphoning funds under the guise of beyond “Kafura Campaign” which was previously ‘beyond zero campaign”, a noble idea hatched by the First lady, Her Excellency Margaret Uhuru Kenyatta.


  • Garbatulla theatre was built by CDF (2011/2012) in collaboration with Japanese Red Cross and the same Doyo (who is good at opening and taking credits for donor funded projects) opened it last year and up to now it is not operational and absolutely dysfunctional. Just recently Kenya Red Cross purchased and donated a generator after a responsible Isiolo resident who subscribes to a lobby movement of the people by people and for the people dubbed FOB made a plea to the esteemed organisation. I convey my special gratitude to the Kenya Red Cross for quick intervention.

  • Merti theatre was built by the National government and equipped by UNFPA. The same miserable fellow ostensibly opened the very same theatre on 22nd October, 2016 and it was closed down the same day because it was a public relation gimmick project as his sole intention was not to launch the theatre but to counter the unstoppable hurricane FOB function in Merti.


  • Kinna theatre was a donor funded built by UNFPA in conjunction with CDF (2011/2012). Since then it has not been operational due to lack of basic essentials but strange as it maybe the shell structure was inaugurated by Doyo’s spouse. Up to now the said theatre is neither operational nor up and about.


  • Currently as I go on air, all the ambulances are permanently grounded including the state-of-the art one donated by NHIF courtesy of Hon. Bahari (Former MP, Isiolo South Constituency)  the only one purchased by DANIDA is overwhelmed with series of mechanical problems and soon it will also break down as it is misused to carry onions and potatoes. It was only recently that Kenya Red Cross donated two ambulances for the Isiolo County.
  • It was irony of the year that a rickety and jalopy “Tuktuk ambulance” donated by UNICEF emblazoned on it Isiolo County Government to take care of maternal health care is not operational as it is permanently parked under a tree. Interestingly, the “Tuktuk ambulance” assembled in China was distributed to Sericho and Bassa areas which is deeply sandy and muddy terrain. Without any benefit of doubt, “a substantial amount of money has been withdrawn from the County coffer that they bought the said “Tuktuk ambulance”.  As a matter of fact, a friend intimated to me that this could be one of the most sophisticated state-of-the art automobile which can even fly at higher nautical miles and at different altitudes.



  • Doyo and his bunch of CEC’s and CO’s won’t feel anything even if all our mothers and babies die because they have insatiable appetite for money meant for the poor and peasants- call it devolved poverty! This guy and his petty bourgeoisie can have moral authority to spend a whopping Kshs 40 Million drawn in form of impresst by the quack procurement officer with forged papers and took the cash in sacks to Merti in order to buy people’s loyalty who have not yet reaped the fruit of devolution. These fellows are nothing but just beasts on looting spree. That staggering amount withdrawn from taxpayers’ will purchase 4 fully equipped ambulances. This is a classical case of “man-eat-man society”
  • Doyo has the audacity to spend more than Kshs 2 million to hire a chopper from Isiolo to Ngaremara not knowing that amount can construct a fully equipped dispensary in Ngaremara and much worse he borrowed 18M from Langata Member of Parliament aspirant; Ahmed Papa on behalf of the peasants of Isiolo County. Doyo has misused Kshs 200 million to repair his house not knowing that amount can construct and fully equip 10 health centres countywide and also construct sufficient staff houses.
  • Isiolo County and Referral Hospital lacks basic drugs, medical equipment and other health care services. Money meant for mentally ill-patients has been stolen to an extent the poor patients fled the hospital and invaded villages in the neighbourhood due to lack of food in the Hospital. Mark you, Kshs 840M has been allocated to the Health sector. Doyo has no feelings at all. It’s inhumane. They are busy looting and misusing the public funds while the poor are languishing without health care which is enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. Strangely they complain that they don’t have money for drugs, ambulances and other essentials.
  • The entire Sericho Division and it’s environ has no water because all the machines have broken down, the same case in Garbatulla and Kinna. The CEC for water does not hail from Isiolo but from Mandera. Will he feel anything even if all our people and our animals perish to oblivion??? Your guess is as good as mine. This is because we elected the untested Doyo who will relocate to Australia once he is defeated in the coming polls which is imminent. Isiolo County Referral Hospital is like “a waiting bay” for Kirua Hospital in Meru County.


  • Why is he dishing out two powerful Ministries (Finance & Health) to one individual as if there is no one capable of handling these dockets in the entire County? Doyo is behaving like this and still wants to be re- elected when he has destroyed the moral fabric of society and expect the people of Isiolo County to re-elect him again?
  • Doyo with all his ignorance and naivety branded official government cars with Jubilee Party colours to hoodwink the public that he is a Jubilee nominee and yet we know that there is a serious disconnects between Doyo and the party headquarters.  This is blatant misuse of public resources to enhance his dwindling political ambition which is outright violation of Election Act.
  • Godana Doyo duped and fooled the public that his wobbling administration has initiated KMTC College which does not exist. He secretly converted Merti Muslim Bus which was donated by former President Kibaki and branded it as the “college bus” purchased by Isiolo County Government. His dirty scheme was intervened by the charismatic County Commissioner, George Natembeya who confiscated the key and put it under his custody. The said college is not there unless it was built in outer space.
  • Just to remind members of the public Article 235 of the Constitution empowers the counties to establish offices and employ individuals performing functions allocated to them as stipulated in the Fourth Schedule.


  • Godana Doyo and his errand boys do not have any iota of commitments to fight corruption but they have rather perfected the art of pillaging tax payers’ funds.


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