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They say we have a duty to look after each other. If we lose control of those who govern us by default, then we shall lose our ability to dispense justice and human kindness. Our first priority today, then, is to defeat utterly those forces of greed and corruption that have come between us and the powers that be. In this regard, a few days ago Isiolo County Government, ran a fullpage advertisement on Daily Nation on 24th May 2016 with faulty and defective contacts.

In the full page advert, the county said it intends to engage a competent non-profit organization under the terms of management contracting of Buffalo Springs and Shaba game reserves. Which is the pride and heritage of Isiolo County since time immemorial.

Competent Organizations are to apply for a contract to manage both Buffalo Springs and Shaba National reserves.

The contract entailed development, financing, operations and management of the two parks.

But what surprised many were the fake telephone and email address provided in the advert.

I tried to establish the express authenticity of the provided contacts which all proved to be fake and shadowy; the email read isiolocountygovernment@ and the phone number provided was 540-721-421-347. I have established beyond reasonable doubt that no such number exist anywhere in the world. Moreover, all Kenyan telephone number start with +254. Therefore, this boils down to another game of musical chairs by the willy nilly operatives at the county government spearheaded by none other than Doyo and his apparatchik’s


Whatever the intention, the full page advert that could cost upward of KSh. 150,000 may just be a waste of tax payers money because interested organisations may not get through with the fake address. Be that as it may, the advert is predetermined because the County Government had in mind and already engaged AFRICAN PARKS NETWORK and therefore the tendering process is basically flawed and single sourced. This means other interested actors and stakeholders have been deliberately locked out!

It is an open secret to all those who care that this advert was deliberately stage managed for a specific organisation which was earlier earmarked to take up the said lease but was stopped due to monumental public outrage and uproar. Twist and turns of events about the game reserves saga was considerably informed by the opaque process pursued by Doyo and his spanners boys from the onset which out rightly violates Section 87 of the County Government Act that provide; Citizen participation in county governments shall be based upon the following principles—:
(a) timely access to information, data, documents, and other information relevant or related to policy formulation and implementation;
(b) reasonable access to the process of formulating and implementing policies, laws, and regulations, including the approval of development proposals, projects and budgets, the granting of permits and the establishment of specific performance standards;
(c) protection and promotion of the interest and rights of minorities, marginalised groups and communities and their access to relevant information;(d) legal standing to interested or affected persons, organizations, and where pertinent, communities, to appeal from or, review decisions, or redress grievances, with particular emphasis on persons and traditionally marginalized communities, including women, the youth, and disadvantaged communities;
(e) reasonable balance in the roles and obligations of county governments and non-state actors in decision-making processes to promote shared responsibility and partnership, and to provide complementary authority and oversight;
(f) promotion of public-private partnerships, such as joint committees, technical teams, and citizen commissions, to encourage direct dialogue and concerted action on sustainable development; and
(g) recognition and promotion of the reciprocal roles of non-state actors’ participation and governmental facilitation and oversight.


After I pursued the jist of the story from one a Mr. Andrew Parker who is Joint Operations Manager African Parks Network  based in Johannesburg, South Africa. This was the last response from Mr. Parker following my persistent inquiry;
On Thu, 25 Feb, 2016 at 10:03, Andrew Parker

Dear Mr Malicha

Thank you for this feedback. I am not sure how much you know about African Parks but our model is very simply geared towards investing in the development of protected areas in Africa. We don’t ever buy or lease public ground but rather enter into partnerships with the public sector whereby we take on direct management responsibility for a protected area, including the funding and financing of all operations with a view towards optimising tourism potential, conservation potential and community development, for the benefit of people and wildlife. However, we ultimately remain accountable to the Government (in this case it would be the ICG-Isiolo County Government) and we believe our model introduces the accountability that is often sorely lacking in the financing and management of protected areas. We are really only aiming to use our expertise and funds to develop and enhance the two reserves which we believe represent an iconic African landscape. We won’t ever own the reserves and we won’t be leasing them – they will always remain in the public sector domain. In terms of compliance with law, we have gone to great lengths to ensure whatever we do is absolutely consistent with prevailing legislation in Kenya and have consulted a Nairobi based legal firm to assist us in this regard.


If the negotiations reach a successful conclusion, we will simply be managing the reserves on behalf of ICG (Isiolo County Government) hopefully unlock their full potential, with African Parks taking on the full financial burden associated with doing this.

We are a not-for-profit NGO and our goal is to try and make protected areas as financially self-sustainable as possible so that one day when/if we exit a project, the protected area can continue to stand and function on its own with limited dependency on aid or Government subsidies.
I sincerely hope this addresses your questions and concerns?

Kind regards

Faulty: a photo grab of an advert put on Daily Nation newspaper of 24th May 2016 by Isiolo county government

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