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Hon. Abdul Bahari Ali rose from a humble background against natural adversity, odds and life uncertainties to become Human Resource Manager of a giant Multinational Company (Firestone East Africa-now called Sameer Africa)

He attended Garba tulla Boarding Primary School, Isiolo Boys Secondary School for ‘O’ level (form 4) certificate in 1982 and ‘A’ level (form 6) certificate at prestigious Kagumo High School in 1984. He was later admitted to the University of Nairobi and obtained a Bachelors Degree in Government and Public Administration (1989). To scale up his academic progression he joined Kenyatta University and attained Masters Degree in Public Policy & Administration (2010).

He was first employed as a Management trainee by Kenya Airways(KQ-The pride of Africa) in September, 1990, due to his indefatigable spirit he was promoted to various position such as Administrative Officer (April, 1992) and Industrial Relations Officer (September, 1992) within that shortest time frame.
He later joined the then giant Firestone East Africa, now Sameer Africa as a Chief Industrial Relations Officer in September, 1993. Owing to his diligence and excellent Managerial prowess, he was promoted to the position of Manager Motor Transport in June 1995 and Manager Industrial Relations and Motor Transport in 1996, and finally due to his utmost zeal and enthusiasm he scaled up the rank and became Human Resource Manager that covers the four East Africa partner States-Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. He injected a fresh novice paradigm shift on the ever evolving complex issues of Labour laws and Industrial Relations in line with the International Labour Organizations Laws.


He enjoyed warm and cordial relations from both the employees and proprietor when he worked there and even after he left the Company. In his honour, the tyre brand name, Firestone was rebranded to YANA TYRES which is a Boran word meaning ‘Moving forward’, this was due to his astute dedication and innate passion for work.

Due to his passion to serve his community disparaged by poor leadership and lip-services offered by the then leadership in his community, he offered his candidature to be a Member of Parliament for Isiolo South Constituency in 2002. He snatched the coveted seat on a Kanu ticket. He once again, clinched the seat on a Kanu ticket in 2007 General Election and consequently appointed a Member of Pan-African Parliament (together with Hon. Gitobu Imanyara, Hon. Musa Sirma, Hon. Gideon Mungaro and Hon. Rachael Shebesh) based in Midrand, South Africa. At the Pan-African Parliament he was unanimously elected Chairman of Finance Committee, representing 54 Africa Member States.

Because he is a performer by excellence, former Imenti Central Hon. Imanyara paid special tribute to him, ” The Isiolo South MP is an excellent choice for the post because he is well respected both in the Kenya National Assembly and Pan-African Parliament due to his amicable mien and integrity, besides he does not have excess baggage and his name does not evoke tribal emotions and party affiliations”- Hon. Gitobu Imanyara, Imenti Central, MP’.”

Ever since he took over the leadership, Isiolo South development record was comparable to none in the region and for the last ten years the CDF projects has been ranked among the best well managed Fund, in fact second position for Eight consecutive years by both the National Constituency Development Board and National Tax Payers Association.
He was committed to capitalize his skills on the issues of prudent financial management, social justice, peace building, conflict resolution, community cohesion, and disaster and risk management.

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Hon Abdul Bahari Ali has spoken 3104 times in Parliament (Source; Parliamentary record), whether on matters of National importance but mostly he dwells on issues affecting his constituency in particular and Upper Eastern in general. He has a passion to find solutions on matters affecting the less advantaged and those economically, socially, culturally and politically challenged in the Society.

He was christened the name; MFEREJI by his constituents because he ensured that all villages in his constituency have safe and clean piped water hence mollifying the burden of trekking for long distance in search of water by mothers and by extension donkeys are relieved off the said burden.

He had the zeal and enthusiasm to attend to all the plenary sessions and Committee activities (Budget Committee, Public Investment Committee and Local Authority Funds Account Committee which are classified as Watch dog Committee) as he juggles with the heavy responsibility of being finance Chairman Committee in Pan-African Parliament.
Apart from tight Parliamentary schedule, Hon. Abdul Bahari Ali makes frequent Constituency visits to understand emergent issues bedeviling his people from time to time.

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He had an in- depth understanding of the issues affecting the society. He seeks truth in each and every area of Communities life, whether in search for peaceful co-existence among warring communities, capacity building, or relating to his fellow Parliamentarians, constituents and the general society.

Because of his positive disposition, his reflective ways and all of the characters traits that make him so special.
After the bungled elections of 2013 in Isiolo County, he was appointed Chairman Tana & Athi River Development Authority by H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, C.G.H, the President of the Republic of Kenya.

Ever since, he has been there for the people of Isiolo County on matters of development, human capital (Employment), in troubled times like tribal clashes, drought and famine, attending society social and economical events, Education empowerment and offering people -centered governance, servant leadership, and above all inspirational guidance to the people of Isiolo County.

Isiolo people have suffered under leadership of misery and ineptitude, we have gone through turbulent times owing to bad governance. Doyo is a broken man presiding over a broken society.

Hon Abdul Bahari Ali, is extremely skilful and tackled various duties of any organization religiously. He was a strict stickler of time and rules of engagement and performed the entire task beyond reproach.

We therefore, have no time to experiment, no time to gamble! God willing, our 2017 GOVERNOR shall be HON. ABDUL BAHARI ALI aka ABDUL MAENDELEO and his most popular household name is MFEREJI,


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