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This is our right of reply to #TeamProjects below par article stitched together by some shallow mercenaries for hire recently in the social media. Anyway we do understand the frustration and despair of Doyo Spanner boys!

We must from the onset tell you that we don’t know whether to address the master or the piper. Nonetheless, we will answer one by one, soil by soil, inch by inch all distortions and concoctions that the hired merchants attempted to scribe it . In that article these were issues raised: Doubtless that the author is completely circum-illiterate fellow under misguided instructions but the conduct and finesse is of low standards, a yahoo than a ‘learned friend’–correct us if we are wrong but the write-up bore vestiges of a publicity thirsty village champion than an intellectual cognoscenti. The leitmotif was more on a humdrum ad hominem, malarkey, pooh-pooh and voodoo research than constructive criticism-maybe the author was trying to “catch our eye” into a pig wrestling; a contest for the low self esteemed. The author was lost in amnesia of the past, fright and despair.

What whips our imagination is the creativity of the fellow to turn epithets and diatribe into a daily job. It is unfathomable how such a fellow, who should be busy researching on emerging issues to bequeath his audience who happens to be Doyo, becomes a peddler of yellow ideas and an odium on social media.


Hon. Bahari christened Mfereji by his constituents. Owing to his passion to serve his community disparaged by poor leadership and lip-services offered by the then leadership in his community, he offered his candidature to be a Member of Parliament for Isiolo South Constituency in 2002. He snatched the coveted seat on a Kanu ticket. He once again, clinched the seat on a Kanu ticket in 2007 General Election and consequently appointed a Member of Pan-African Parliament (together with Hon. Gitobu Imanyara, Hon. Musa Sirma, Hon. Gideon Mungaro and Hon. Rachael Shebesh) based in Midrand, South Africa. At the Pan-African Parliament he was unanimously elected Chairman of Finance Committee, representing 54 Africa Member States.

Because he is a performer by excellence, Hon. Imanyara paid special tribute to him, ” The Isiolo South MP is an excellent choice for the post because he is well respected both in the Kenya National Assembly and Pan-African Parliament due to his amicable mien and integrity, besides he does not have excess baggage and his name does not evoke tribal emotions and party affiliations”- Hon. Gitobu Imanyara, Imenti Central, MP’.”


Ever since he took over the leadership, Isiolo South development record was comparable to none in the region and for the last ten years the CDF projects has been ranked among the best well managed Fund, in fact, second position for Eight consecutive years after Gatanga Constituency represented by Hon. Peter Kenneth by both the National Constituency Development Board and National Tax Payers Association.

He was committed to capitalize his skills on the issues of prudent financial management, social justice, peace building, conflict resolution, community cohesion, and disaster and risk management.

The unprecedented question about Hon. Bahari leadership is beyond continental arena unless you are collected beyond the nine solar systems! Hon. Bahari is a private citizen and does not hold any office pertaining to Isiolo County.

Therefore, that specific queries is full of rhetoric and underwhelming bravado. Hon. Bahari never lost leadership!- it is an intrinsic value that is inherent in him. He was, he is and he shall remain the indisputable leader of our time. He left an unmatched legacy when he was the MP of for Isiolo South Constituency and currently the Executive chairman of National Authority; TARDA. Let this sink into the mind of the pessimist and sadist that Hon. Bahari will and shall not retire from leadership position unless you languish in the world of make-believe like  Doyo’s foot soldiers and spanner boys
In terms of development record those whom you fronted as if they have achieved anything tangible are just some below average personalities with no remarkable development initiatives like Hon. Bahari. The record speaks volumes!

We are astonished that somebody can postulate forth that the role of an MP is to from march prominent personalities to the Constituency which is not entrenched in the Constitution Kenya or any other relevant statutes, this confirms our worst fear that the supposed author of the third-rate article has very scanty knowledge of the nitty-gritty of the Kenya’s law. Albeit, we shall not mention personalities like H.E Vice-president Moody Awori who was invited by Hon. Bahari to revive G/Tulla High School and the then VP brought a cheque of Kshs 30 Million, the former Deputy Speaker of National Assembly, Hon. Farah Maalim and former Barclays East and Central Africa Managing Director to mention but a few.


Hon. Bahari was and is at the front line of solving the emotive land issues using diplomacy within the government machineries currently and when he was the MP for Isiolo South Constituency. At the moment there is a con man who duped Isiolo County residents that he is possession of the much hyped “Leather Map” and asserted that he has powers to solve it using mysterious legal gymnastics. It was on this pretexts that he hoodwinked Isiolo residents to vote for him. Therefore at the moment the onus lies squarely on his shoulder but not on Hon. Bahari!.

During his reign no piece of land was annexed to Garissa County. That is stale and cheap propaganda hellbent on misleading the innocent populace. It will be prudent if any body has a gut to furnish us with documented evidence from the Ministry of Lands, National Land Commission and IEBC.

Strange as it may be the so called patriotic sons were not born yesterday unless we redefine the word patriotism. Some of the guys mentioned in the yellow article have been at the helm of the donor funded projects for more than three decades with insignificant community service unless you want to tell us that writing a one page letter to the National Cohesion which was of no consequences because the out put was a zero-sum game. Mark you, a local Chief in Kone Qallo can do so with much effect because it is his constitutional right. The only personalities who deserve a standing ovation on land matters are the ilk of respected elders such as Hon. Hassan Guyo Shano and Mzee Daud Tari. Others are just busy bodies playing public relations gimmicks using tax-payers funds.

On the Health front, Hon. Bahari built several health facilities using the paltry amount of CDF in the entire Constituency. All the said facilities was well equipped not forgetting 2 ambulances that he requested from NHIF. In addition, he used his elaborate public relations skills to get state-of-the-art operation theatre courtesy of the Kenya Red-Cross Society which was solely Hon. Bahari’s pet project. For sustainability of those facilities ask those at the helm of leadership to be accountable because 3.2 Billion is not a loose change!


On the issue of Roads, it is very strange that anybody of sound mind expects to tamarck roads with a limited resources of 37 Million from CDF Kitty. Hon. Bahari solicited for funds from the exchequer to carpet Isiolo-Modogashe road which is classified as B9 and it was approved by the government. For your information to tamarck 1KM you require Kshs 60 Million. However, Hon Bahari ensured that all roads in his constituency are motorable and accessible. Where is the 13 Billion that was devolved to County 011 because the current leadership is supposed to maintain these roads if at all they have a human heart for the hoi polloi’s and the down trodden.

Unfortunately, to the author of the yellow article all your queries are extremely misplaced and misdirected to a private citizen. Next time do your homework with sharp finesse.

If that aura of semblance of academic writing is what defines a cutting edge of thought–then we need universities of thought, thinkers of yore like Isaac Newton and Archimedes attended to produce Himalayan ideas. The self-proclaimed third-rate column sounded jujitsu betraying any single grain of intellect in him save for some veneer pretence that made him sound like a parrot learning to speak the language of Rawal Pindi. The fellow could not sustain or support his arguments which were more slanted, personal and hollow breathing life into these words of Prof.Bethwel Ogot “some intelligentsia are intellectual mitumba” (meaning dead wood).

Finally for the humility they say is the hallmark of intellectual maturity. That is why we would like to put the shallowness of that article to the dustbin of history. It is the emptiness of the low article that we have limited ourself to this REPLY but we will tell Isiolo County residents what some mediocre guys did to their County. In the fullness of time, it is high time Kenyan systems checked on such individuals who benefit from the misery of naive and gullible Kenyans.



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