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The outline of the competing political formations for Isiolo 2017, is beginning to take shape. Yesterday, Team Fresh officially consummated their political marriage to FIVE MORE YEARS FOR DOYO initiative as a junior partner. Doyo Administration is inherently characterised with impunity, abuse of office, financial impropriety & gross misconduct

In that meeting, the issue of land and Hon. Bahari’s coalition seeking endeavours with the Ameru were linked to create an impression that Hon. Bahari is keen to enter a political union with the ‘enemies’ of the Boran a.k.a the Ameru who want to dispossess us of our land. I find any such link not only preposterous but tenuous. Secondly, the twin themes of that meeting around which the organisers seek to coalesce the Boran vote flies in the face of county cohesion and integration. In fact, they border on hate speech.

Our investigative and intelligence agencies should put their noses to work. It is public knowledge that the incumbent Governor made the defence of land from external appropriation, the central plank of his 2013 campaign platform. Only him as the alleged custodian of the true Isiolo map can be held to account on that score. There is no way you can try to offoad such a weighty burden on the shoulders of a private citizen asserting his constitutional right to seek elective office.

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Additionally, it is the height of dishonesty to seek a second bite at the cherry by weaving a narrative of exclusion, of Boranas vs the enemies, including the Ameru and Turkana, though any reference to the latter is conveniently suppressed because they don’t sell the land question as well as the former.

When Hon Bahari called Sen Kuti’s bluff and raided his vote rich Ameru turf, the Governor quickly followed suit and went as far as being installed a njuri ncheke elder. The evidence, of the Governor being garlanded in traditional Ameru body and head gear made of monkey skin is there for all to see. It amounts to speaking from both sides of the mouth to demonize the Ameru one minute as Boran enemy one ostensibly because they are after our land, and then turn around the next minute and say ‘Isiolo Merus are my people’ over which you exercise eldership! In the context of devolution, the winning electoral formation is one that builds a true coalition from among all the communities of our cosmopolitan county.


Those who seek to exclude other groups from political representation, live in a bygone era and do not deserve to be given any public space. They are the avowed enemies of cohesion and integration. We should resist their hair brained retrogressive ideas in favour of an all inclusive alternative that celebrates the diversity of the threads that makes our beautiful mosaic. When they try to forge a coalition with a section of the Samburu, it is all very well but when their competitor seeks to build alliances with the Ameru and Turkana, they call it dancing with the devil. You cannot transfer responsibility for the failure of your administration onto the shoulders of others by trying to be clever for others.

You cannot pull wool over people’s eyes all the time. You cannot sell the same idea at the market place in two successive elections. Guys, try something more creative, this one simply can’t walk. #Exposed

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