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If truth be told, I went to that meeting on 18/12/2015 in Merti without baggage, though, All I wanted was for the Waaso DB to agree upon and field a single candidate. I’ve lived here to know what it means to wield power and what it means also, to be powerless. You don’t need to look further beyond your neighbourhood to agree with this truism. A friend of mine intimate to me that “in 2013, he acted out of turn and supported a candidate from an opposing camp, in the belief that he would find closure with his troubling clannist. Alas, that was not to be. Everywhere he looked, its the same clan story.”  He added that “there wasn’t any compelling reason for him to live his deluded orientation any more”. He said, “let me just be part of the crowd and act out the atavistic practice very much in vogue. It mattered to him very little how that power will get back to his clan, provided it does- whether it be through any of the competing five”. As a good student of history, who follow and study  patterns, am persuaded, on the basis of the popular mood I read in Merti, that Karayus will get to cannan through BAHARI . All I want is for power to revert to this revered clan. As they say in Latin, ‘ vox populi vox dei’-the voice of the people is the voice God. So long as this overarching expectation materializes, I don’t give a hoot whether or not it will benefit me. My will will have been done. Much as some of the posts here find my persuasion and empathy, most of them are plainly lacklustre and pedestrian. I love a good argument which can easily sway my sense for erudition. But when an argument is as stale as a two week old decomposing cabbage, I find offence in our entire educational system, which has the audacity to unleash such ill formed minds on our econo political system. We pursue education for different and varying reasons, but regardless, any educational system worth its name, should be able to produce men and women trained in the art and science of critical thinking and analysis, men and women who can take risks with ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. In the majority of cases, I read strands of arguments that are barely logical, coherent and eloquent. You will find someone building an argument on a certain premise and before processing the same to its logical conclusion, latches onto an entirely different and unrelated argument, all in the name of defending a poorly framed view point. People should be able to overcome the orgasmic excitement of uttering nondescript opinions their wanting minds convince them to be products of serious conceptual thought. At some point, I’ve counselled myself that finally, the digital generation can beam on CCTV, in our own living rooms, what we do and say on social media, so that as Rtd Justice Ringera was won’t to say, men can be separated from the (m)boys. About Hon. Bahari’s ticket, you only need to remind yourself about the all too famous refrain of Voltaire, that no army can stop an idea whose time has come. You can elect to be part of that history or elect to be a mere bystander. The choice is yours to make. If we’ve got to be honest with ourselves brothers, team fresh played into Hon. Bahari’s hand by failing to name an alternative candidate. It’s not enough to say the older folk should give way to team fresh, you should have named an alternative. That omission was very poor strategy. As it was, only one candidate made to the meeting. I’ve supported Hon. Bahari owing to his track record, and I have no reason not to support him if he’s the popular choice of DB. That’s  the bitter hard truth. I say this in utmost good faith. There could have been complications for Hon. Bahari were another candidate  unveiled at that meeting. The guy beat you to the tape, period. Accept and move on in typical Kenyan fashion, because ultimately I am because  you’re, and you’re because  I am.


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