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Refreshing African Proverbs

Top 20 African Proverbs and their meaning. Only a fool tests the depth of a river with both feet. Meaning: Don’t jump into any situation without thinking about it first. The strength of the crocodile is in the water. Meaning: You are stronger in your environment than anywhere else Knowledge …

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Not Yet Kenyan | Al Jazeera Correspondent

Film by Mohammed Adow (Courtesy Al Jazeera) Kenya’s ethnic Somalis have faced massacres and systematic intimidation, but can they now survive al-Shabab? Kenya’s North Eastern Province, the country’s third-largest region, borders Somalia and is exclusively inhabited by ethnic Somalis. Following Kenya’s independence 50 years ago, it emerged as a distinctive …

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Boran Proverbs with English translation

  Borana Proverbs with English translation (part 1) 1. Obsan qalomani.  English: Patience leads to an honorable position. 2. Chubbun tok daqabi, tok ordofi. English: You can be punished as you do sin on the spot. But for others it can come later. Meaning: As for the punishment of sin, …

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