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Governor Kuti Unveil County Council of Elders

Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti has called on leaders to shun divisive politics and work towards unifying the communities. Speaking yesterday at Isiolo Municipality ground during the official launch of Isiolo County’s Council of Elders forum that brought together elders drawn from all the communities living in Isiolo County. Governor Kuti regretted that in several cases Isiolo residents have been attacked at the borders with some losing lives and herds of cattle. In particular, he said that innocent residents are losing lives at the expense of cattle rustlers from neighbouring counties who invade the county and steal livestock.

The Governor has called on the National Government to intervene and beef up security at the border points neighbouring Isiolo. Governor Kuti reiterated that there are better and diplomatic ways of solving matters relating to insecurity. He was addressing elders drawn from various wards during the inauguration ceremony for County Elders forum. This is pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution and National Cohesion and Integration Commission Act.

He challenged the Council of Elders from various communities to always foster peace, harmony and unity in order to co-exist with each other. The Governor was accompanied senior officers of the executive led by the Deputy Governor, County Secretary, County Executive Committee Members, Chief Officers, Speaker and County Assembly Members.

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Elders are an important part of society as they determine the direction of any community. This seemed to be the driving force of hundreds of residents of Isiolo County who yesterday came together to respond to the clarion call of their elders to join them in the official launch of Isiolo County Council of Elders forum.

One of the pivotal role of the elders is to mediate conflicts and misunderstanding between groups and communities by applying traditional and alternative conflict resolution mechanism and further act as a catalyst in reconciling existing and emerging disputes between communities and neighbouring counties overuse and management of natural resources

The launch was also graced by elders from across all the 10 wards in Isiolo County representing diverse ethnic communities found in Kenya that live in the County. Speaking in the event, elders called for continued peaceful co-existence among communities living in the county noting that this is the only way residents would enjoy prosperity. They also cautioned political leaders that it was not time for politics but time for development.

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Dr Kuti also reminded those present that Isiolo County is a ‘small Kenya’ as it accommodates all communities in the country. This he said warning those that may be planning to introduce divisive politics to look for another place as residents have decided to peacefully co-exist even as they desire to fight poverty.

“It is my humble duty to remind all of us that Isiolo County is blessed to have all the 47 communities of our great country living here. I, therefore, admonish those that are planning to start divisive politics to try that somewhere else. Isiolo people have decided to live together peacefully and do their businesses in an environment that allows them to grow,” Governor Kuti said.

At the same event, the county boss said that his administration is committed to ensure land adjudication process will be done as planned by his Government.

“I shall make sure that the land adjudication process we began last year is complete and that all residents have title deeds,” Governor Kuti said, adding that, he shall not allow his political opponents to further derail this process.

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The Governor also reminded his political opponents that development is not done in radio stations but on the ground. He reminded those present that his administration had in the last three years initiated many infrastructural development projects that take time to finish.

Apart from working as a platform that will call for continued peaceful co-existence, the forum will provide avenues in which communities will inform their respective elders’ socio-economic challenges they are facing linking it to County Government departments for action.

For peaceful community co-existence, the Governor said that his administration will be having regular meetings with respective elders from all communities living in Isiolo. The Governor warned the residents against political leaders who hardly see any development achievements due to their programmed opposition mindset devoid of objective oversight.

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