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Spectacular Personality: Dr. Abdullahi Shongolo

ShongoloDr. Abdullahi Shongolo, HSC, is a retired Assistant Director of Education. He has worked as a Research Fellow for Goteborg University, Sweden, Department of Social Anthropology for three years ( 2001-2003). He is extremely and humble down person. He has contributed five well-researched papers published in the University journal. He has co-authored three articles which were published in other international journals and books with Professor Jan Hultin of Goteborg University.

Through working in partnership with several renowned professors of anthropology around the globe and having emerged as a distinguished independent scholar,  Dr. Shongolo, has gained outstanding knowledge and skills in the field of Social Anthropology in the area of ‘Conflict and integration’.

He is well known to many academics in certain fields of international scholarship, like NE-African anthropology and Oromo studies in particular and receives wide recognition. He is a recognized scholar in Oromo studies and has widely published several papers in international scientific journals and books. He has conducted many years of field research among the pastoralist communities of Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia.

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In his own professional field, education, the publications of teaching/learning materials counts amongst  his merit. He has worked as a research consultant for several universities and research institutes both in Europe and African.

Currently, he is a Research Fellow with Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology, Germany,  a position he held since 1999, a research project on Pastoralism and dynamic of Politics in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia.



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