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Land Adjudication Act is not relevant to Township (254) nor does it require any Gazettement. The Governor and his team could have just ratified what is existing on the ground through Planning and Surveying and and register all Land through Land Registration Act.

Isiolo Communities

Secondly the Land outside the Township has been under Community Land Act (288) which gives the Community a lot of power more than any other person. Adjudication Act removes the power of being Land Secretariat from both our County Government and the Community to the National Government.

We do support our County Government leaders in their endeavours to get our people the much needed Title deeds for our people without surrendering this power. The issue at hand is very minor for our leaders to differ on.

Our Governor Mohamed Kuti is not the subject of discussion nor the Isiolo County Assembly as the Gazette Notice NO-150 which was issued by CS for Lands Farida Karoney on 27th August 2019 has taken power from them, we therefore demand revocation of that infamous Legal Notice NO-150 to ensure our County Government retains its power and provides Title Deeds through Community Land Act which provides for the procedures.

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The people of Isiolo have a right to compensation for big National and International Mega projects which Land Adjudication does not acknowledge directly.

We urge the Governor and our other elected leaders to come together for the sake of our communities living in Isiolo, we elected you therefore its our right to own Land in our County and its our right to be represented by you.

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