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ISIOLO SOUTH is among 26 constituencies at risk of being scrapped for failing to meet the population criteria ahead of this year’s census; legislators representing the respective Constituencies are burning the midnight oil to save their jobs.

After the 2009 census, a boundary review team led by Andrew Ligale flagged Northern Kenya among several other constituencies as having fallen short of the 133,000 population threshold.

The fate of these, and others that may emerge to have failed the threshold lies in the scheduled national population count scheduled for August 24-31, 2019.

Below is the list of the flagged constituencies

1. Budalang’i (66,723)
2. Bura (82,454)
3. Galole (60,866)
4. Isiolo South (43,110)
5. Kangema (76,988)
6. Keiyo North (73,715)
7. Kilome (87,864)
8. Laisamis (65,669)
9. Lamu East (18,841)
10. Lamu West (82,698)
11. Marakwet East (78,749).
12. Mathioya (88,219)
13. Mogotio (60,959)
14. Murkurweini (83,932)
15. Mvita (75,153)
16. Mwatate (75,591)
17. Ndaragwa (92,626)
18. North Horr (75,196)
19. Othaya (87,374)
20. Saku (46,502)
21. Samburu East (59,094)
22. Tetu (78,320)
23. Vihiga (91,616)
24. Voi (86,801)
25. Wundanyi (58,600)
26. Mbeere North (89,037).

A number of legislators from the affected constituencies are apprehensive their areas will be scrapped should they be found ineligible.

Part of the effort is to rally residents to declare they come from the constituencies no matter where they will be counted during the national census slated for August 24.

Mobilization campaigns have gained momentum in Mt Kenya, North Eastern and Coast with the leaders asking residents to save the constituencies.


Already, IEBC has said it will be open to change in the next review, meaning the polls agency would not hesitate to dissolve or merge the constituencies.

Zachary Mwangi, director general Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, (KNBS) last week said there are provisions to count everyone who will spend the night within Kenya’s borders on August 24.


We have less than FIVE days to National Housing and Population Census. We are aware that the data that will result from this crucial exercise will form the very basis for resource allocation at the national level.

It will still be used by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission for delimitation of boundaries of Constituencies and Wards, which must take place between the year 2020 and the year 2023 in accordance to the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

The implication of this is that some constituencies and will be merged while others will be split or scrapped.


The constituencies that were hitherto protected in the first delimitation of the year 2012 will loose their protection and ISIOLO SOUTH, SAKU, NORTH HORR, BURA, GALOLE, SAMBURU EAST AND LAISAMIS CONSTITUENCIES had no such constituencies. This means if we boost our population we stand a big chance of getting at least one addition constituency and some new wards.

The resultant wards and constituencies will mean more resources are allocated for our development projects. Holding other factors constant, the additional resources will have an impact in improving the livelihood of our people.

We are therefore appealing to all citizens who were born in ISIOLO to make sure that they spend the night of 24th August 2019 at their rural homes. It is called operation save Isiolo South Constituency.

Let’s not always complain over inadequate resources instead let’s have resources and complain over distribution if need be.

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We run the risk of losing Isiolo South constituency Isiolo County, Saku and Laisamis Constituencies in Marsabit County!!!

However, we cannot sit and watch and this imminent danger owing to the fact the political class have failed us miserably, as ordinary citizens we have to do something in our own small way. We must travel home and be counted there.

We need more Northerners represented in the National Assembly. We really need the numbers to articulate the agenda of the Northerners in the National Assembly. We need more seats so that we can influence legislation and policies that will favour a people marginalized by successive regimes. We need the numbers in parliament so that they can authoritatively sway the budgetary making processes in favour of a people neglected by its government for over five decades.


We need the numbers in Parliament to question and address the historical injustices that our people went through.

We need numbers so that we can elect leaders who can ask hard questions and demand for hard answers.

Who killed Daud Dabaso Wabera and Sultan Senior Chief Hajji Galma Dido in 1964? Who are the perpetrators of the Malkamari massacre, the Wagalla massacre? The Isiolo massacre? The people behind the Moyale Massacre of 2013 are still roaming free.

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We need the number of seats increased and current ones maintained so that we can push for full implementation of the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission recommendations.


We must be frank and bold. The ugly truth is that have we lost faith in the current crop of leaders from the North. They have all failed us. They are the worst lot. They are selfish, self-centred and egocentric who don’t have the interest of the Northerners at heart.

However, this census is not about today. It is not about tomorrow either. It’s about the future of our children’s children. It’s not about next year either. It’s about long-term impact of this exercise!

If you’re from the expansive Northern Kenya, please travel there, be counted there and pay homage to that hallowed land. 

We must travel to the North for the love of our people and our land that we cherish and adore. We are one people. We share one destiny. We share one culture. We are share common heritage. We share common ancestry.

The end justifies the means. In this regard, you can choose what you want to choose but travel home to Northern Kenya and be counted! In the end, that is where we call home. We are Northerners!


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