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By Whispers Correspondent 

Residents of Kiwanjani estate in Isiolo town yesterday found a hand grenade at a construction site where workers were digging a foundation trench.

According to a casual worker at the site Mr. Peter Kirimi, the object was found two feet underground wrapped in two plastic paper bags.

Kirimi said they immediately called the nearby “Nyumba Kumi,” Chairman, who reported the matter to police and Isiolo Station Police Commander led his team to the area and sealed the scene from curious onlookers.


According to ballistics experts who were called in from the local Kenya Defence Force camp, the weapon had been placed there many years ago and had been fixed for testing and not for terror intentions as most residents suspected.

A senior officer among the experts who identified himself only as Sergeant Ogolla said the hand grenade was positioned at the area for the purpose of testing by military officers decades ago, adding that it had a worn out safety pin. 

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The Sergeant confirmed that the weapon did not seem to have extreme effects and this prompted them to destroy it instantly. “We are proud of the residents for taking swift action to report the matter to the security to avoid putting lives of area people at risk,” Sergeant Ogolla said. “We would like to emphasise that any time such a weapon is found, people should avoid surrounding the scene and take swift effort to reach out to the police for the quickest action to be taken,” the sergeant insisted.


Speaking at the site, Wabera Ward Representative Mr. Abdi Duba said the bomb was removed from a plastic bag by a worker who threw it onto a green fence upon being told the foreign object was dangerous. “It was by sheer luck that the object did not explode when the construction worker threw it away ignorant that it was a grenade which was capable of causing serious destruction,” the MCA said.

Wabera MCA Representative Hon. Abdi Duba

Mr. Duba urged wananchi to be careful when they come across any metallic objects saying the area has many explosives which could have been left behind from colonial military activities. The MCA further urged the parents to closely monitor their children during school holidays especially at playing grounds where they could fumble onto such explosives.


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