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SATURDAY 20/07/2019.

Marsabit residents have been asked to live in harmony and promote their culture.

According to county First Lady Alamitu Guyo the recurring tribal fights in the county have stalled developments for years

She maintained that everyone has to be ambassadors of peace at all time .

“Sometime I differ with people. That no peace can be achieved in hotels or seminars. Peace can only be found within us and therefore we should be peace ambassadors,” he said.

She also added peace initiatives are collective responsibility.

“Let us unite and identify criminals amongst us. Let us unite and enhance sustainable development in our county,” she said adding that leaders are elected for development and have to be supported.

The First Lady spoke during cultural festival in Moyale on Saturday, where she reiterated unity and love should be the identity of Marsabit people.

“Our culture is good. It brings us together and show oneness of our people,” she said.

She mentioned importance of preserving culture citing culture entails moral and value of society and further promote tourism.

“Our cultural food, wildlife and natural features in our county are wonders that can attract tourists. We have to protect,” she pointed.

She added cultural sites in the county should be protected so that it can generate revenue through tourism.

The First Lady also called on residents to desist from outdated cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation and early marriage.

The First Lady was accompanied by host of MCAs and county government officials.

According to CEC culture Mohamed Omar, 14 cultural centres have already been registered and Kupi Elfatu site will also soon be gazzeted by National Museum of Kenya.

Kupi Elfatu cultural festival is an annual event that brings together Borana, Gabra, Sakuye, Rendile and Garreh cultural dancers. It was first celebrated last year in Odda, Moyale sub county.

The event was sponsored by county government, kivulini trust, world vision and National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC).

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First lady with various communities

Courtesy of Marsabit County Government Press

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