President Uhuru Kenyatta has nominated Hilary Mutyambai to be the next Inspector General of Police following the end of Joseph Boinnet’s tenure.

The new nominee for the position of Inspector General, National Police Service is Hillary Nzioki Mutyambai. He is a career policeman who was enlisted in the then Kenya Police Force in 1991 and rose in ranks to the rank of Superintendent of Police before joining the then Directorate of Security Intelligence that was a department within the Kenya police Force in 1998.
Mutyambai rise in ranks continued in the new intelligence outfit and saw him rise to the top management of the National Intelligence Service where he was a Deputy Director in charge of Counter Terrorism.
As the Deputy Director in charge of countering Terrorism, the new IG used to work closely with the NPS formations and the Military units in mounting intricate Counter terrorism operations that have seen the country experience a downward trend in incidents of terror and several disruptions of planned attacks.

The new Inspector General holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Nairobi and a Masters of Arts degree in National Security Policy from the Australian National University. Interestingly this is the same University the out-going IG acquired his Masters degree as well.

Hilary Mutyambai comes to the helm of NPS with a vast of professional training and experience in the area of counter terrorism a skill that the National Police Service requires given the prevailing threat environment of terrorism. The new appointee has had several professional training both locally and abroad. They include;

√ Counterterrorism Training In New Orleans, United States of America

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√ Operational Management – United Kingdom

√ Advanced Security Analysis – United States of America
√ Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism – Israel
Locally the new IG has attended several senior management training programs that include:
• Performance Management at the Kenya School of Government Senior Management – Kenya School of Government

• Detection and Prevention of Frauds and Forgeries – at the Kenya School Of Revenue Administration

His professionalism in counter terrorism came in handy during the 14 Riverside terror attack. He was the unseen force that was coordinating the rescue operations that saw over 700 Kenyans safely rescued from the siege and the attackers neutralized.

Prior to becoming Deputy Director of counterterrorism, Mutyambai served as the Regional Intelligence Coordinator, Nairobi County, Regional Intelligence Coordinator, Coast Region and County Intelligence Coordinator in Mombasa.

The new Inspector General also served in the Kenya’s Foreign Service in the Kenya High Commission in Kampala Uganda as a Political Attaché from the year 2000 to 2004.

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