Wednesday , October 21 2020
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By Abdulkadir-Noor Gumi Kuricha
I urge my people every where they are. especially the 3.8 million Borana in all corner of the world that this is the time when genius may be found through efforts in helping and developing this community. time is opportune for us to change our face and shine the future of the next generation.
Our current generation is facing many problems no previous generation ever faced just because of natural calamities that cause the problem in the region like poverty, banditry, and clan feud among others. Illiteracy and luck of diver station. We have to see our current situation in our region politically and socially, our people are in hardship where they struggle to in order to survive we are still a century and no development had happened in our region since Kenya independent and nothing seems forthcoming.
We are in a real disaster of ignorance and clan feud with our neighboring clan unlike the other Kenyans tribes we have virtually no functional infrastructures, our schools ,our roads, our hospitals, and extension service are not more than a stale reminder that of colonial time. It is to us and our priority to manage our work concerning to the situation.
Education particularly the major facts in the future development. An illiterate population makes poor and non productive society although we are facing logical problems we have to plan to individually to combat the ignorance education is the only key to bringing changes in northern Kenya communities. Truth shall never cease to exist simply because they are ignored. It is hurting to see the extent of neglect by successive regimes. I say this trying to bandage my burning injury.
Finally, we need to have our cultural centers, football teams which I may suggest to be (BIFTUBARI TEAM) also to establish new town at GOTU area to be called (Nageelle Waaso). “Thinking about this expansive region, it is hurting to see the extent of neglect by successive regime” Adan. W. K.
Abdulkadir-Noor Gummi Kuricha is a graduate, School of Languages and Translation. Al-Azhar University, Cairo.

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